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Review: Obedience to Dictator – Hogzilla

Review by Thomas.

The Italian quintet is definitely one of the stranger bands in the death metal genre. Dubbing themselves sci-fi death metal, OBEDIENCE TO DICT∆TOR’s Hogzilla is a solid album on all fronts that definitely deserves a listen to.

Clocking in at just under twenty minutes, Hogzilla covers a lot of ground in such a short timespan. For starters, the five tracks (one of which is more of an interlude) contain elements of black metal, technical, non-technical death metal, and deathcore. There’s plenty of seemingly random riffs, blast beats, and melodic bridges to keep things interesting throughout, without ever feeling messy.

The vocals tend to reach towards a more black metal sound and it really comes down to personal preference on whether or not they fit the music. I don’t personally listen to or like a majority of black metal, but I think the vocals fit the instrumentation very well. Speaking of the instrumentation, everything fits and sounds great arrangement wise. The parts written all sound great together, and compliment each other. The guitars parts are interesting and fun to listen to (reminding me of Born of Osiris at times), the drum’s blast beats are intense and right where they should be, and the bass rumbles right along keeping the tracks heavy and grooving. Mix wise, my only complaint is that there’s not too much low end and leaves the songs feeling a bit light and not as heavy as they could have been.

Overall OBEDIENCE TO DICT∆TOR’s Hogzilla is a great album that deserves a listen to. Don’t expect anything over-produced or over worked. It’s a solid 20 minutes of intense and powerful sci-fi death metal with influences from multiple genres, that pulls from the best and delivers an outstanding album.


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