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Review: Nothing Lies Beyond – Fragile Reality

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel is melo-death band Nothing Lies Beyond with their debut album Fragile Reality. Nothing Lies Beyond has been around since 2011 and have only recorded one demo, so this is somewhat of a first release. Before getting into the review, check out that album art. I really like the drawing and the vibes coming from it. Pick up Fragile Reality here!

What immediately stands out on Fragile Reality is the bass and guitar tones. The tone is very clean and tight, meaning it isn’t muddy or cheap sounding. The vocal layering is interesting as well as it adds a bit of depth, which fits the songs because the songs have depth as well. Not only sound wise, but structurally. Each song takes you through a path of riffs, bridges (or breaks), and solos. Sometimes you won’t realize how dainty your steps on the path are until the harsh vocals and aggressive guitar riffs come in. “Closed in Chains” and “Lost” do this exactly.

Some songs will build up to a solo or a break and when they do that it really sounds like they are prepping for something epic: epic as in an epic poem not as in a word for cool. In most cases, this build up isn’t just hollow hype. The solos on Fragile Reality are done well and really stick to the melodic definition. The songs that have the epic build up can usually be identified by the first minute or so of the song. If it’s fast paced with an electric sounding riff, it won’t have the epic build up. The songs that have a more ballad-like sound will have them though. For this ballad-like sound I’m referring to, look to “Another Pace,” sort of “Closed in Chains,” and “We are the Revolution.” The faster songs (which is most of the album) include “Final Fight” and “Fading Behind False Eyes.” Those songs immediately start quicker and maintain that fast pace and high energy. They keep your head moving while keeping you intrigued with the technicality.

I really like “Final Fight” because of the sheer energy in it. It’s a fast paced song that’s heavy and has a few different elements in it than the others. Everything from the intro to the main riff, to the vocal rhythms is just really neat. “Final Fight” is kind of similar to “Visions” by the drum beat and verse changes. They are both cool songs that have their moments of individual stardom that are worth checking out. “Visions” is definitely a more melodic song than “Final Fight” in almost every way.

I really want to point your attention to the final track, “We are the Revolution” for a few reasons. “We are the Revolution” has this farewell tone to it that lets you know it’s going to exit with a bang. The solos are intense, the bridges and verses are intense, the vocals bring the heat, it’s a tight song through and through. It ventures into the ‘core genres at the end with the simple harmonies and group shouts. I think the way this track wraps up is great because of the different ending. While it isn’t the same riff as any previous riff in the track, the ending fits so well. It’s just right. A great ending to a great song and album.

As you can tell, I really liked Fragile Reality. This is a sweet melo-death album that is unique in its own way. I recommend this to fans of Parius and Children of Bodom.

Rate: 8.7/10

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