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Review: Nightshade – Predilections

NightShade has finally given us their fourth full-length album in February of 2016 called Predilections. There are 10 tracks and none of them are long. If you’ve been a fan of NightShade before, then you know to expect some low key synth and catchy riffs that hook right into breakdowns. Check it out on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and like their Facebook page too!

So what is different about this album? Well the vocal style has a new variation and the synth is a lot more involved throughout Predilections. There are more technically involved riffs and the bass is audible! Each song has a unique way of development too. “Sentient” is a great song to start the album with because of how it lures you into thinking it is one of those boring instrumental intros; luckily for us it isn’t. The way it turns into a regular song is unexpected, yet it had an appropriate build up. “Before We Die” does the same thing: it goes from one thing to this fast death metal thing then back to the first thing. “For Those Who Fight” definitely caught me off guard by how that song ended; everything sounded normal and fine then it changed to some electronic thing going on. I don’t really know electronic genres so I can’t really describe how it is.

NightShade stepped their game up with Predilections by showing how versatile they can be within each song compared to their previous work. Riffs seem more refined and the overall production is done well. NightShade brought in some group shouts too and they aren’t overly used so they actually sound nice.

One of my favorite songs is “Reminisce Solace.” There is so much I love about this song, but I’ll start by saying it is so catchy and you’d be crazy not to move around when this tune comes on. It’s like a melodic metalcore song and there is a female vocal guest appearance that spices things up for a good portion. The leads and drumming go together perfectly, I don’t think they could improve this song much more. Check this out man.

Further pushing their creative boundaries is “My Orchid.” I only say this because it kind of sounds like a ‘core ballad if that makes sense. You can hear and feel the creative effort put into “My Orchid.” The slower tempo adds to that ballad sound and correlates with the effort seeping through this song.

“Midas” is probably the most deathcore sounding song on Predilections and it has a really nice solo. The vocals are lower and the drumming is generally heavier. The riffs here mix in with breakdowns more often too. “What Dreams May Come” is pretty deathcore sounding too and has some momentary aural synth for your listening pleasure. It really is a nice touch because it isn’t dominant or loud and annoying. What makes this sound different from “Midas” is that “What Dreams May Come” sounds like “Midas” and “My Orchid” had a baby.

Ending this fine album is “Sons of Liberty.” It brings in old NightShade and mixes it with some of the newer styles they’ve been using on Predilections. Shout out to the lead guitar player for having consistently slick leads on every song, including “Sons of Liberty.” There is a range of vocals used here, from high to low to clean. There isn’t any part on here that overstays its welcome and that’s the key to success.

I really dig Predilections, plain and simple. It is a solid album that is well deserving of at least a quick listen through. NightShade did mild experimenting and I think it worked out pretty great. The only song I dislike is “For Those Who Fight.” I recommend “Reminisce Solace” and “Uchronia.”

Rate: 9.3/10

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