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Review: Never I – SPEAK

Never I are a metalcore/post-hardcore band based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. The band released  ‘SPEAK’ earlier this year, a four song EP with crushing screams and cleans, astonishing guitar work, and all-in-all will make you want to get up and mosh. Never I’s lineup currently consists of vocalist Ian Powell, guitarists Hayden Myers and Connor Vogt, bassist Dakota Boelte, and drummer Clint Hughes. After giving this EP a full listen, I instantly knew this would be my favorite release of 2016.

The opening track, Before You Were The Gleam in Your Father’s Eye, just goes to show that every member of this band know exactly how to please an audience. This track, which is my personal favorite off of the EP, starts off with screamed vocals and gradually leads you into a perfect, clean-sung, chorus. The lyrical content is another reason to love this song. Sure, a lot of bands write lyrics with no meaning just because they want something there, however Never I is not one of those bands. It is almost impossible not to realize that the lyricists took a lot of pride in writing their songs, and Before You Were The Gleam in Your Father’s Eye is a great example.

The second song, The Gentle Wind That Tears Down The House, reminds me of a mixture between Alexisonfire and Dance Gavin Dance. Never I remind me a lot like Knocked Loose, not because of the music they make, but because it’s difficult to pinpoint them to one genre. No matter what you consider this band, this song will make you want to move. Be It Ever so Humble is another hard-hitting track with excellent guitar riffs that fit perfectly with the screamed vocals. It’s another track that reminds me of early post-hardcore bands.

The final track, There’s No Place Like Home, is in my opinion the least heavy track out of the four songs. This song in particular really just goes to show that this band poured their heart out while writing and creating this EP. In addition to this, the guitars and drums really make this track so spectacular. The song is pretty mellow and calming and perfectly wraps up the EP.

I don’t really have any complaints with this release, except the fact that it is not longer than thirteen minutes. Everyone in this band has an important role and it’s more than obvious that each and every member is passionate about what they do. If you’re a casual listener of metalcore and post-hardcore, than you will most definitely enjoy Never I’s SPEAK.

Rate: 9/10


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