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Review: Never Again – Death Metal Tsunami

Italian death metal band Never Again is our focus this week with their debut EP Death Metal Tsunami. It’s a short EP with only 3 tracks running about 11 minutes long. Never Again consists of 5 members who carry a lot of energy and attitude in their music and live performances. Urban legend states “every time they rehearse, it rains.” Do with that information what you will, but be sure to pick up Death Metal Tsunami on Bandcamp!

Though they identify as death metal, I find it hard to place a label on Never Again, but I guess they technically would be death metal. There aren’t tremolo-picked riffs like standard death metal bands, but they do have the heavy grooves and attitude a regular death metal band would have. The first thing that struck me was the vocals: they sounded like Sotajumala’s vocalist, but not as guttural. The way they both deliver the lyrics and carry out the vocals is what reminds me of each other.

There is quite a bit of melody during each song and the song progressions remind me of Caliban. The song that comes to mind here is “Immobility and Trauma.” It starts off with the main riff, steady drumming, and emotional vocals. The chorus is pretty catchy then it goes back into the first groove. Later in the song it gets softer, if you will. That’s the part that reminds me of any Caliban song off of Ghost Empire. This whole softer part builds up until its abrupt end, which I like. The song has flavor, even if it does take it easy towards the end.

“Lovers of Noise” sounds like just the song you want to hear at a melodeath concert. It has the incessant drumming, rhythmic chord progressions behind a solid tapped lead, and of course those vocals. This is probably the heaviest song on the EP because of the beginning and consistency. It doesn’t soften up, but the rhythm guitarist does play lighter sounding chords if that counts for anything. Not much more to say than that.

The first track is “This Time.” The vocals on this song are most reminiscent of Sotajumala than the others, and that’s not a bad thing at all. Other than that, the drumming switches between the ride and hi-hat cymbals frequently enough to keep a fresh sound. There is funky break 2 minutes into the song that gets interrupted by a cool bridge into the chorus. It’s rare when a non death metal sounding break occurs that doesn’t sound too out of place or awkward. Cheers to that.

Death Metal Tsunami is a decent EP. While nothing on it was too extreme or too unique, it has a charm to it. I would love to see Never Again live, it just sounds like a great time. The songs have energy and they are pretty easy to follow. They stick to a simple formula and it works; back to the basics eh? Each song is distinct and certainly does not blend in with the other songs, which is good sign. The drum cymbals came in pretty clear and had a nice cut in the mixing/mastering. The EP doesn’t sound polished either so that’s probably why I can sense some energy in each song. There aren’t any solos if you were wondering, by the way. I’m somewhat indifferent about solos so it doesn’t bother me. Overall it is not a bad EP by any means and it’s short so why not listen to it? Because of my taste and how it is my rate would be lower than how other people may perceive it. I recommend this if you like Caliban or even Heaven Shall Burn to some extent.

My rate: 6.4/10

Fans of similar music: around 7-8/10

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