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Review: Necromorph – Under The Flag

Necromorph is a five-member Death Metal band from Berlin, Germany. The band’s current line-up contains a vocalist, two guitarists, a drummer, and a bassist. Since their formation in 1995, they have released two albums: Grinding Back Zero (2011) and Under The Flag (2016). Under The Flag contains many songs, fifteen in total, and has a total run-time of 29 minutes and 43 seconds. This album is available for purchase on their Bandcamp page. Also be sure to check them out on Facebook as well.

Braunes Rauschen starts off with a spoken part and emerges in a brutal scream accompanied by very fast instrumentals. I really like the vocalists’ mids/lows (0:31-0:40). This song has some cool melodic moments (0:13-0:20 and 0:48-1:11). The drummer impressed me with his crazy speed throughout this song.

Excrements Of The Sun is up next featuring a heavy main guitar with a lead guitar playing in the background. I love the drumming between 0:10 and 0:35. It contains some sick beats and crazy fills. 0:59-1:22 contains some sweet lead guitar, a pick-scrape, nice slow drumming, and a sick guitar riff. The vocalist uses a nice variety of vocal techniques throughout this song.

The guitars in Toxic Environment are sick. Check out the intro (0:00-0:18). It’s nice to see the vocalist utilizing more growls in this song. 0:42-0:49 has a refreshing unique lead guitar riff that accompanies the vocals well.

Massendelikt starts off with some sick drumming and guitar work. 0:18-0:24 has a very nice vocal piece. 0:38-0:46 has a vocal part that is very unique and I can’t think of a song that has something similar to it. The vocals are the most interesting part of this song.

VEI 8 starts out with an interesting guitar section. I like how they add multiple guitars in the intro. 1:08-1:16 has a nice guitar riff. It’s nice to see them adding in some more lead guitar parts during the outro of the song.

End In Vomit starts out with a cool bass riff. Not that much to say about this song, considering it’s roughly 63 seconds long. However, there are some cool guitar parts and more insane drumming.

Workuta has a sick guitar riff in the intro. The band continues to do a good job in matching the instruments’ sound with the vocal type. This song contains what seems to be some complicated guitar riffs so be sure to check those out. The ending melody in this song is a nice finish.

Zivilisationsautismus is the shortest song on this album with a surprising length of only 54 seconds. It wastes no time by introducing to us a sick head-banging guitar riff followed by the chaos that the band creates. I like how the vocalist can utilize a nice amount of vocal techniques in such a short amount of time.

Eremitenland has a refreshing change of speed in the intro. This only lasts for about 30 seconds however. It’s sick how they can match how the guitar sounds with the vocalist’s pitch when he’s doing different types of vocals.

Handle the Flag starts out with the sound of soldiers marching. It follows with some nice rhythm guitar work. I like the Punk sound that occurs from 0:21-0:36. 0:48-1:00 has some great drum fills. I admire his ability to create complex fills. There is some nice lead guitar work for the latter half of the song (1:24-2:15). I’m looking forward to hearing more guitar solos/lead guitar work.

Nogeun-ri is another solid song by Necromorph. The intro has some nice guitar work. The vocalist continues to deliver multiple types of screams. I really like how fast the drummer plays towards the end of the song. The song ends with a nice guitar note that leads into the next song.

Freiheitsersstörer is up next with a slow and brutal guitar riff and a sick scream. 0:33-0:47 has a sweet guitar riff. I was not expecting to hear a guitar solo come in at 1:30. It’s a short one, lasting only nine seconds, but it’s sick and I wish that it was longer. What follows is another nice head-banging section.

Nearing the end of this album, Zersetzungsmaßnahme begins with a cool, slow, guitar riff. The band picks up its heaviness again at 0:43. I really like the melody that is present nearing the end of this song.

Perfect Day In A Perfect World begins with some guitar work accompanied by some killer drumming. I was not expecting the lead guitar to appear in the background during 1:32-1:40. I also found the complicated guitar riff and insane drumming at the end a nice touch.

The last song of this album, Cold Dead Heads, starts with a voice recording accompanied by a guitar. Pay attention to the guitar melodies (1:01-1:17 and 1:17-1:51). The second melody even contains some nice orchestral instruments.

Overall I think that this is a decent album. I’m impressed by how many songs they were album to put in it. I think that the vocalist did a pretty good job delivering intense vocals throughout the album. I really like the guitars and the drums. I would give this album a 7.3 out of 10 stars.

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