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Review: Nasty – Shokka

I remember very vividly my first Nasty show. After an excellent opening set by our local heroes Redound (expect a review very soon!), the Nasty boys entered the stage. What struck me was their extremely positive attitude, which heavily contrasted to the overall feel of their music.
Everything was well, until the vocalist showed his anti-nazi tattoos (or may be it was a t-shirt…) and explained his whole view about that movement (which I wholeheartedly support – I’m definitely not a supporter). Unfortunately, security was slim at the venue (one guy for the entire 80-100 people attending), so very soon the guitar player recieved a beer bottle high-five. In the face. The show immeadiately stopped. We all left. I later found out that Nasty’s tour van was damaged also (all four tires dead & flat). Bummer.

What I’m trying to say is that even though Nasty’s music is heavily soaked with phat breakdowns, sweet thrashy solos and dark lyrical themes (government control  being a central theme, especially in the “Shokka” LP), the guys don’t take themselves too seriously. So you shouldn’t too (take them seriously, not yourself, put that shovel down please) – regardless of your political views, gender, religion, economical status etc. Enjoy “Shokka” as what it is – an  amalgamation of breakdowns and sick vocal parts (the production is very crisp, I am in love) ,written by 4 guys who want to have fun ,while playing their favourite music.

Disregard this if you’re a djent fanatic – the songs are extremely slim, hard hitting and on point (8/10).

Direct stream available on their Bandcamp page.

For fans of: BBQs, Xibalba, european beatdown hardcore, Born From Pain.

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