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Review: Methwitch – Rotting Away

As far as I can tell, Methwitch is Cameron McBride’s solo project. I would like to address him personally: you have my respect, sir/bro! “Rotting Away“is a very fine collection of classic (2006/7 – 2009) brutal, zero nonsense, deathcore songs. There are some grind/blackish riffs and parts thrown in there for good measure, but overall this LP feels like something straight outta “Nostalgia Avenue“.

The album begins with “Summon” – an extremely dark and especially unnerving piece. The next two songs (“Immoral Intent” & “Pulling Teeth“) felt like they crawled out of Whitechapel‘s “The Somatic Defilement“. “Rotting Away” is definitely my favourite track off the LP (alongside “Dopefiend“) – a very good display of Cameron’s vocal skills (combined with a sick breakdown <3). “Don’t Close Your Eyes” has some of the weirdest, toxic riffwork – almost too bleak. “Meth Lab Stomp” is short and on point and deserves a similar description – cool riffs bro, respect! “Stigmata” is a nice song, with some brutal riffs. “Guillotine” f^&$#n’ owns – again, it has that classic deathcore sound influence all over it. “Shallow Grave Deity” is a vicious hard-hitting grindy stomper. The LP ends with “237“…this song is scary…heavy stuff. But that’s not all folks – as a bonus, we have “Festering In The Crypt” and “Everything Ends” as covers, which are nice supplements to this gem of an LP. The lyrical themes are worth mentioning as well – definitely on the darker side.

Overall, this LP slays. However, some of the songs feel too similar and the well-educated listener might find that a little annoying.  Despite that the production is rough and raw, the breakdowns are very heavy and the vocal work is on point. Definitely a must-have, if you are a die-hard fan.


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