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Review: Mastication of Brutality Uncontrolled – Preemptive Space Warfare

Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled are a Technical Slamming Brutal Death Metal band from Germany. That’s right! Technical Slam, one of very few. Their album Preemptive Space Warfare was released on 31st October 2015.

So why are we going back in time? Because an album like this simply cannot go unmentioned, for this is the most BREE-tastic band one may ever hear in their lifetime. I kid you not, vocally there is an unrelenting use of BREE in virtually every song.

To give an example, the second track, “Mother Earth Abortion” is distinct for its B-B-B-BREE B-B-B-BREE rapid fire sandwiched between an array of zig-zagging riffs and blast beats over and over until the song finally slows and ensues yet another BREE flow. It’s quite chaotic, yet listeners are left stunned, barely comprehending, and then waiting to hear if the rest of the tracks will also be this BREE-tacular.

And they will! “Brutal Laser Devastation” has a BREE-BREE-BREE-BREE-BREE-BREEEEEEEE signature along with plenty of guttural and gurgling happening. Instrumentally, this song may have the catchiest riff on the album.

My personal favourite track would be “Human Resources”. Arguably, its one of the middle-most technical tracks, but the chorus is so catchy – the title of the track being the only decipherable segment in the song, followed by another BREE. The other features I like are the quick slam riffs which are slowed down drastically near the end of the track.

There is no point in me trying to describe the instrumental segments, but I will tell you this much. Tune your guitar or bass to drop B (I know cause I asked them) and then start transcribing any track at all in its entirety, you will have a lot of work on your plate, and as a result, you will improve as a musician.

The last two tracks, “Infrastructure Destruction” and “New Space Order” are ones I listen to regularly just so that I can hear the slowing/fading slam riffs while the vocalist gurgles in a similar manner. Given that the tracks are fast at first and suddenly slow down, one can’t help but have a mental image of a car speeding around dangerous curves and ridge lines, going for a little off-road destruction through bushes, only to get back on the road and suddenly run out of fuel. Love it.

At this point, I think it was practically pointless for me to describe as much of the tracks as I did purely because I’m sure you would have already gotten the idea… The album is BREE-lliant all-round and the instrumental work is more than enough to have the most diehard of tech death fans inspired.

A warning though, once listeners hear this album, their standards in slam will evolve and they may no longer enjoy the more predictable knuckle-dragger slam bands they once did. But as far as I’m concerned, that is a good thing, we need more of this.

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