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Review: M.O.B.U. – Preemptive Space Warfare

Mastication of Brutality Uncontrolled is a 4 piece brutal death metal band from Germany and Switzerland. Preemptive Space Warfare gives us 10 tracks that show that M.O.B.U don’t mess around and intend to kill. While the production and mixing are solid, Preemptive Space Warfare sounds genuine and unfiltered, just as the band intended. Head over to their Facebook and Bandcamp!

German metal never seems to disappoint me and Preemptive Space Warfare further supports that. The first and title track is an introductory track, but one would think otherwise due to the fact it’s heavy from the get-go. It is an instrumental, but nevertheless it is a good way to start an album. There are audio clips of people talking while the band builds up the anticipation for the sick gutturals that are to come on “Mother Earth Abortion.” The gutturals and brees are so down in the gutter, don’t bother cleaning them out. That goes for the whole album, not just “Mother Earth Abortion.” What is really awesome about Preemptive Space Warfare is how distinguishable it is. Each song has a very individualized sound and they all have moments that are just sick and moments that are so groovy. The guitar and drums work together really well too; so much that I’d deem them relatives. Every song demonstrates this at one point or another, but one of my favorites is “Brutal Laser Devastation.”

One of the coolest songs is “Life-Form Adoption” for several reasons. The intro has really a pinch harmonic-heavy riff and the drums match it all so perfectly. The tempo is great for the slam. It picks up and slows down smoothly. The ending is abrupt, but you’re left with a sense of finality. And, my favorite, it’s just over 3 minutes long. If you’re only going to listen to one or two songs, make “Life-Form Adoption” one of them.

One of the fatter sounding and hard-hitting songs is “Human Resources.” The slams, drum fills, and gutturals get pretty real here. There are more moments to headbang on with “Human Resources” and things flow a lot quicker than they did on “Life-Form Adoption.” There is a bit more synchronization between the entire band too rather than just the guitar and drums being all synced up. I like what each instrument will do during the parts of unison to separate themselves from each other, yet still manage to be accenting the same parts. I hope that made sense.

“Orbital Corpses” has this one part that sounds like the fast brees in “Mother Earth Abortion” but other than that they both sound much different from each other. This is the shortest song (excluding the interlude) so the only thing to really comment on besides what I just said is the ending. It ends with a really nice build up to an ending slam that grows in intensity to the sudden end. Very nice.

Preemptive Space Warfare is a really tight brutal death metal album. There is a lot of talent and a lot of promise for future albums. The songs are so intense; the live performances must be great. Each song has it’s own progression instead of a steady formula, even though there isn’t anything wrong with having a formula. The vocals were pretty sick and almost as dirty as the bass was. The drumming was spectacular and top notch. The guitar work was heavy and scatterbrained when appropriate. Overall, check this out.

Rate: 9.2/10

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