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Review: Lost Creation – Enemy

Lost Creation is a metalcore band with deathcore influences from Montreal, Québec. Since their formation in early 2012, they have had four major releases: Xenomorph (July 2013), Slaves (February 2014), Legion (June 2014), and their album Enemy (January 2016). The current line-up is: Joel Hébert on the mic, Patrice Aubut on the guitar, Alex Fortier on bass, and Simon Mallette on drums.

The opening song is called Enemy. This is a very good way to start their album. It makes the listener think that something big is about to happen. I found the lead guitar very enjoyable because of its slow-paced, delayed sound. I like it when bands can be heavy and also write cool leads.

The next song, Conquer, starts out with a bang. There are a few cool guitar riffs that occur throughout the song. Aubut created a lot of cool rhythm pieces as well. Mallette did a great job on the drums with this song, playing along with the guitar well during the breakdowns and riffs. I found the middle part of the song sick due to the drums providing the song with creative beats. I really like Hébert’s vocals on this song. He’s very good at delivering the different types of vocals throughout this album. My favorite type of scream he uses are highs.

Georges Michael is up next with a sweet intro by Mallette. I like how they alternate between fills and verses. This song is a good example of Hébert’s growling capabilities. Around halfway through this song, they have some cool guitar leads that shows off Aubut’s lead guitar playing ability. I was surprised that they didn’t go into a breakdown around the three minute mark of this song. I was expecting a breakdown due to the buildup.

Song four of eight is called Pandorum. They follow the theme of this album very well. The guitars are remaining heavy with some cool riffs. I like how they incorporate bends and squealies. The instruments flow well with the singer’s pitch changes. There is an interesting lead guitar playing around the 2:15 mark. It seems like it’s sweep-picking with harmonics instead of normal notes. I enjoyed the voice recording that occurs around the 3:20 mark leading into a breakdown. I was not expecting the ending of this song. It flows well with the intro to the next song, however.

Perhaps my favorite song on this album, Paradox, really shows the band’s capability in writing music. The guitar is my favorite aspect of this song. They can remain heavy but also write refreshing melodies which was a nice break. There’s an awesome lead guitar playing in the intro which changes into a heavy part, followed by a similar opening. I like how this is mainly an instrumental track but they also added some vocals.

House of Cards brings the listener back to the band’s usual heaviness. I like the songs’ stop-and-go feeling that you experience when the instruments and vocals stop and play at the same time. I really like the vocals around the 1:20 mark. Hébert does a nice job on not always using one type of scream. He keeps me interested and wanting to hear more. Pay attention to the vocals on this song, they are great.

P.H.A.K. is up next with an eerie guitar playing in the background. After the intro, they lead into the first verse of the song well. I enjoyed the groovy riff. The drumming in this song is also great. Mallette continues to impress me with the cool beats and sick fills. I find the drums to be the most enjoyable part of this song. The heavy guitar chords around the 2:40 mark are great. They flowed really well together and are a good example of their writing ability. Surprisingly, the song ends on a calm note. While I was not expecting them to use clean settings, it works well with the overall flow of the album.

The last song on this album is Legion featuring Jp Barcha Charlebois. The instruments work together well in this song to match the style of vocals that occur. I like the use of the kick pedal around 50 seconds into the song. The drums are my favorite aspect of this song because of the fills.

Overall, I am impressed with this album. For this being their first album, I think that they have a lot of potential. They impressed me with their lead guitar and drums. You can purchase this album on iTunes. I would give this album an 8.7/10.

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