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Review: Lorna Shore – Psalms

Review by Andriana.

Deathcore giants Lorna Shore have dropped a new album on June 9th band’s first full­ length and was a highly anticipated album. With the built up suspense, was it worth getting hype over?

Short answer: yes.

This will be a difficult review to write due to the lack of words and phrases required to describe how enjoyable Psalms is. I will start by saying Lorna Shore has stepped their songwriting and technical game up significantly. Maleficium EP was their last release and I found that to be a solid EP, but Psalms shows that Lorna Shore has even more to deliver than what was given on Maleficium EP. One thing many people have pointed out is the black metal influence in the riffs and atmosphere. Black metal songs are usually recognized by purely tremolo­ picked scales and notes accompanied by extremely fast drums and raw vocals.

I have noticed the addition of creating an atmosphere in some songs also. “Throne of Worms” is a great example of the black metal and atmospheric influence by having subtle, simple melodies lurking behind well­ placed chugs. In the moments with this atmosphere, it really does give off a devious and ill-mannered feeling. You can almost feel the sensation of being watched; it’s great. Similarly, “Wretching in Torment” establishes a very dark mood from the start and sticks with that. What makes “Wretching in Torment” a killer song is the heavy, alternation between fast and technical riffs to beatdown type of riffs. It is a grim sounding song by the heaviness, rhythm, and song structure. The structure takes you on a short, dark adventure that ends with head banging.

Pushing aside structure, atmosphere, and all that stuff there is one thing Austin Archey (drummer) never fails to do: create insane drum tracks. Despite how flashy the drum tracks sound, they match and accent the guitar work quite well. Every since Bone Kingdom the drums have always been intricate and interesting, even more so on Psalms.

With all of the new things going on with Psalms, you may wonder if it even sounds like Lorna Shore anymore. Of course it does. No other band I’m familiar with plays riffs like that, has guttural vocals of that intensity, and has the sick breakdowns that Lorna Shore does, even on Psalms. The new influences and additions are merely that: additions. Anything and everything that is new to Lorna Shore touches up and even tightens their sound quite a bit in my opinion.

If you do want to hear something closer to their older sound, look to “Traces of Supremacy,” “Harvest of Realms,” and “White Noise.” Those songs have less of the atmospheric thing going on and more of the sound we are familiar with.

My favorite track is “Grimoire.” It has a heavy and fast start, an intense breakdown, and a nice ending. I don’t really have a least favorite track as I like them all equally, except “Grimoire.” What else can be said about an album that leaves you speechless? The riffs are electrifying if they aren’t demonic. The drums are on point. The vocals are so guttural, you can feel your diaphragm contort to the sound. The flow of the album is smooth. One thing to add about the vocals: Tom Barber seems to enunciate lyrics better so they are more understandable. Other than all that the only other thing I can really comment on is the production. Though it may seem a tad polished, it works well and definitely does not take away from the sound. How could a band create such an evil mood without proper production and mastering?

I have no negative comments, but something I have seen a lot from other fans is that the songs blend together. I disagree, but I guess you will have to listen/determine that yourself! Pick up/listen to Psalms on Spotify, iTunes, and the Google Play store!

Rate: 9.67/10

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