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Review: Locked Out – Dissociation

Every couple of years, we reach a point where most well known Deathcore bands have already released their albums the previous year and are thereby touring or on a bit of a break. In that time, it’s a great opportunity to explore EPs from relatively newer bands. Introducing Locked Out, a Slamming Metalcore outfit from Connecticut with their release Dissociation.

Amidst all the horror and monster themed illustrations, I managed to spot an unassuming band name with an unassuming title, and a very genre-neutral cover. At first, the chug-away intro of the first track seemed ordinary, and not particularly inspiring… But then the vocals came in and everything changed… The way vocalist Steven McCormack pronounced the words “all” and “me” in such a baritone rattled Bree, was simply hypnotic. Next thing I knew, I had listened to the whole EP and had to listen to it again in order to make sense of what I had just enjoyed. All-round, the entire duration has lyrics that are clear and easily decipherable, if one were to read them on paper, they would never get the slightest hint that these were lyrics for any heavy genre.

Drummer Cody Cahill explains, “Basically the story behind the EP is that me and Steven McCormack have always battled dissociation, depression, anxiety, and we really wanted an outlet for that. There’s nobody out there that has ever really tackled that kind of topic in a way that we wanted to establish. we wanted to be that outlet for people who suffered the same affliction and pioneer a new genre dubbed slamming metalcore at the same time!”

What is astounding is that the second and third songs, “Dead End” and “Burden”, are rather positive sounding. Seriously, listeners will feel like they have felt the day’s earliest rays of sunshine as they get through these tracks. They have all the breakdowns and chromatic chugs needed for a pseudo Slam style, but they have really taken some brave steps to make it all come out in an uplifting manner.

Do not pack your picnic basket though, for listeners will find darkness as they get deeper into the EP – after all, one cannot ride a train without entering a few tunnels. At this point, I’m usually describing what works and what doesn’t, track by track, but for this one I would like everyone to take the journey, enjoy the simplicity, and completely step away from the wankery.

For me personally, ‘Trauma’ is my favorite, it’s the track I have been listening to again and again. Maybe because it’s the most simple, or maybe it’s just the flow of the song. Overall, this is a one of a kind style we hope to see more of. 8.5/10.

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