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Review: Lionheart – Love Don’t Live Here

California hardcore band Lionheart is releasing their first full-length in 4 years and it’s called Love Don’t Live Here. There are 11 tracks that run around 25 minutes long. Many of you probably know Lionheart, so you know what to expect on January 22nd when it releases. Check out their Facebook pre-order Love Don’t Live Here on iTunes, and check the merch site!

As you probably know if you’re already a fan, Lionheart have a lot of attitude, profanity, and perform hardcore in the vein of Hatebreed. You can expect thick cymbals, thick riffs, group shouts, and snare hit build ups. I mean they gotta since they’re a riff-heavy band.

Just like their previous work, Love Don’t Live Here leaks raw aggression and violence as if it were the soundtrack to a gang fight, especially “Pain” and “Keep Talkin’.” All of the songs stick to riffs that are simple enough and drums that compliment those riffs appropriately. The drums usually aren’t too intense or complicated, but they have their moments like on “Lock Jaw”, “Dead Wrong,” and “Rewind.” If there isn’t a section where the main riff is altered a bit to just headbang to, then it’s replaced with a beatdown kind of section. “Rewind” does that towards the end.

There isn’t much else to say except you will enjoy this is you like Hatebreed. The music is mostly simple, but it is fun to listen to and the vocals make sure to come in very clear so the lyrics punch you in the teeth. I like that the songs are short because if they were any longer they would be too repetitive. Overall though, Love Don’t Live Here isn’t bad at all for what it is.

Rate: 6.9/10

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