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Review: Kill The Stigmatic – Built On A Burial Ground

Review by Andriana.

Kill the Stigmatic is a death metal band hailing from Philadelphia. Built on a Burial Ground is a three track EP that kills from start to finish. Kill the Stigmatic has played shows with bands such as Exhumed, Dying Fetus, Waking the Cadaver, Cognitive, and others. Purchase Built on a Burial Ground on Bandcamp!

I already said Built on a Burial Ground kills from start to finish, but let me elaborate on that: it is great. Labeling KTS as death metal is rather vague as there are other influences on the songs. “Cold as Hell” has obvious grind and blackened death metal techniques used while “A Knife in the Dark” has thrash, blackened death, and even hardcore influences. A strange blend, indeed, but entertaining nonetheless. Each track is filled with an energy that means to cause damage. The bass drums are intricate and exciting because they don’t stay the same for a whole song. The grooves and riffs change while not making it sound like a different song. The constant changes keep the songs fresh without sounding silly or random.

My favorite song is “Cold as Hell.” It is fast, aggressive, heavy, and a great start to Built on a Burial Ground. It starts off like I just described, slows for a moment, then builds to a head banging ending. This contrasts greatly to “A Knife in the Dark” because “A Knife in the Dark” keeps the heavy vibe from the start until the short solo towards the end. “A Knife in the Dark” has a more standard song structure compared to “Cold as Hell” and “Murderous Apparitions Among Us.” The latter is an appropriate closing track because it has a true KTS touch on it. It has everything that is unique on this EP from the sound influences, to the instrumental progressions, to the guitar tone, and down to the drums.

Despite I thoroughly enjoyed this short little ditty, I wasn’t too fond of the guitar tone. It has a heavily distorted sound that lacks a bit in the low end and that kind of takes away from the overall sound in my opinion. Looking past that, the riffs were solid and the vocals suited the music. As previously mentioned, I really dig the drumming and bass work on Built on a Burial Ground. I like the fact KTS made it a point to make the bass audible.

Rate: 7/10

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