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Review: Intravenous Contamination – Drown In Human Fluids

Review by Andriana.

Intravenous Contamination is a slamming death metal band from Germany. Drowned in Human Fluids is Intravenous Contamination’s first full­ length, containing ten tracks and running around thirty minutes long. Pick up or listen to Drowned in Human Fluids on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and Big Cartel.

“Drowned in Human Fluids is a disgustingly nice album. Every aspect of it is gross, making you almost feel fluids seeping from each song. Before going into more detail about Drowned in Human Fluids, I want to clarify that there are grind, slam, death metal, and even beatdown elements in each song. You can expect very deep growls with the occasional pig squeal and instruments tuned lower than your GPA. Starting the album is “Inducing the Contamination.” The track does exactly what it says: induces you into a thirty minute coma to slither around in while the rest of the album ensures paralysis. It plays sounds you would hear in a Silent Hill game or a decent horror movie until a short growl hurls a beatdown to your face via “Confessions of an Execrable Existence.” “Confessions of an Execrable Existence” is one of the songs where slam and beatdown are more readily available and noticeable. Steady double bass and snare hits blend with the angry guitar tone and slammy riffs.

Only when the double bass lets up do you feel the need to punch walls to the beat of the riffs. Other than that, “Confessions of an Execrable Existence” is a pretty straightforward song and is a good song to put on a playlist consisting of slam or beatdown songs that aren’t slow, but don’t stray from the core sound of the song. Contrasting a bit to that last song is the next: “Sanguinary Manufacture.” What sets these two songs apart is that “Sanguinary Manufacture” sounds more like a grindcore/brutal death metal song. It starts off very quick, brings in a few measures of slam, then goes back to speed, slows enough to cartwheel around in the pit, then pushes the brutality forward. “Sanguinary Manufacture” is another pretty simple song, but it does hit you pretty hard nonetheless. There are three killer riffs that alternate in the song and its sick whenever any of them play. It actually reminds me of the way Ingested structures their songs.

One of the best songs on Drowned in Human Fluids, for me, is “Excruciatingly Scattered Revenge.” It offers more in a musical sense. A change in the vocals occurs, there are more interesting drum fills, and there is a hint of melody in the end rather then just using the lowest strings the whole time (even though that works out just fine). All of that is great and I love it, but it doesn’t make the other songs sound worse by any means. There is nothing about “Excruciatingly Scattered Revenge” that is inconsistent with Drowned in Human Fluids; it just includes details that make it stand out a bit more.

“Pandemic of Disinfection” and “Drowned in Human Fluids” are other great songs. They spring off of your face immediately and don’t really ease up on the beating until their abrupt endings. The drumming seems harsher, the vocals seem deeper and more guttural, and the riffs just seem relentless. “Pandemic of Disinfection” changes a little before the half way point to another relentless groove. This song doesn’t even ease for a beatdown, it just trucks through. “Drowned in Human Fluids” slows down with a stomach turning build up until the aggression resumes. This is also one of the few songs where you can hear the bass playing at certain parts.

I found that Drowned in Human Fluids got progressively more intense and variable as each track was played. The first few songs were good and heavy, then the rest come in and impressively change your original thoughts about the album. The guttural vocals were down into the bowels of a sewer system, pushing debris aside. There is only one guitar player and he does very well at giving Drowned in Human Fluids a full sound, with compliments to the bassist of course. Tight production is also responsible for a full sound, as the vocals and instruments sounded side­ by­ side rather than sounding stacked. There weren’t any solos, so don’t expect swept arpeggios or anything of that sort. If you like Ingested, Invert the Idols, or even Visceral Hatred, you would probably like Intravenous Contamination as well.

Rate: 8.2/10

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