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Review: Into Oblivion – Alone

Into Oblivion are a progressive metal core/deathcore 5 piece from Munich, Germany. Formed in 2010, they have previously released an EP titled ‘Nihilistic Egalitarian Progress’ (2012) and a full length album titled ‘Funeral’ (2014).

Into Oblivion first caught my eye with their lyric video for their single ‘Behind Closed Doors’, which featured a style of 3D modelling style animation i’ve never seen before in any lyric video. Once it drew me in, the music certainly didn’t disappoint! The song had just about everything you’d want and expect from a deathcore release, but retained a unique sense of character- from the edgy electronic intro & outro to the beautifully smooth solo, the whole song balances crushing heaviness with intelligent song writing. The second single, ‘Cagefight’, offered a very different experience- You could argue that this song doesn’t keep up with the first single in terms of heaviness, but it more than makes up for it by showcasing the bands new focus of djent-style rhythms and even some sneaky cleans. This was an interesting move for them to make considering how different the 2 singles are, but it displayed the contrast and diversity their album has by offering up both extremes.

The production on the album is beautifully balanced, as it compliments the writing nicely, emphasises the atmospherics but retains heaviness and a weighty rhythm section. Instrumentally the album is tight, intelligent and diverse, and as I mentioned before it has some great solos and breakdowns. Vocals are great too- imagine Within the Ruins style mids and shouts with the odd section of false chord lows and gutturals and you’ll get a decent idea of what to expect. I want to go into detail on this one, but I also really don’t want to spoil it as the album is an experience that’s full of surprises, so i’ll spare you the spoilers!

Into Oblivion are another band that aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of what defines the genre in order to find their own sound, and I think they have achieved this really well without straying too far or sacrificing consistency. Throughout the album there are some incredibly well placed and written electronic elements that you wouldn’t expect to hear. A loose comparison would be Born Of Osiris’ album Discovery, but the production and writing for the electronic parts are better all round on ‘Alone’ as a whole. The somewhat questionable use of clean singing in the album is, in my opinion, well justified and used sparingly and effectively, which is really good to see; Not many bands seem to be able to achieve a good balance and many consider it not worth even trying. None of these elements are particularly new for Into Oblivion, however the delivery of each song is better rounded, smooth and definitely doesn’t feel like your typical deathcore. I’m even wondering whether i’m doing them justice classing them as deathcore, or any sub-genre for that matter- which in my mind is always a good sign of originality!

Overall, this is an amazing album and is definitely one of those releases that you won’t regret taking time out of your day to check out. Go and give these lads some support!






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