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Review: Interrupting Cow – Prime Creators

Interrupting Cow has finally unleashed the highly anticipated full-length Prime Creators. Prime Creators consists of 17 tracks running about 52 minutes long and includes a cover of Born of Osiris’ song “Bow Down.” Check out the album on Youtube and Bandcamp! Interrupting Cow started off as a joke breakdown project with no serious plans to it until people asked for more. With each release the music was taken more and more seriously and the quality increased too. Was the anticipation for Prime Creators worth it?

Prime Creators has a few throwbacks on there from older releases, like a remix of “Ghost Firetruck” and “Tryna Prom” and a continuation of the famous “Italian Jesus Football” from the slapstick days. The “Ghost Firetruck” remix is really just much higher production quality and the inclusion of more synth/keyboard of that signature hook. I’ve always loved “Ghost Firetruck” so I was really excited to hear how it would be redone and I must say it was done well. While I’m not usually too fond of electronic sounds in metal, the synth/piano keys give “Ghost Firetruck” some mystery to it and kind of make it sound like an intense song. It goes hard from start to finish; I can’t get tired of that breakdown or that hook.

I wish I could say the same about “Italian Jesus Football II: The Second Coming,” but I just can’t. As you probably guessed, “Italian Jesus Football II: The Second Coming” is not a remix, but a continuation of some sort…or so I thought. Many of the “part II” type of songs I’ve heard usually bring in a riff or something from the original song to recall that the two songs are relevant to each other, so I thought I’d hear the major breakdown from “Italian Jesus Football” or maybe a riff or something, but that was not the case. The only thing I caught from the original song was a lyrical line, which was nice to hear. What I’m basically saying is that “Italian Jesus Football II: The Second Coming” is it’s own song and not really a continuation. As it’s own song: it’s great. It’s fast and heavy and covers a decent vocal range. As an “Italian Jesus Football” song: disappointing. I was expecting some of the same shenanigans and silliness and a recalling riff. TL;DR for this paragraph: “Italian Jesus Football II: The Second Coming” is not what you are probably expecting, but is still a good deathcore song and a good IC song.

Prime Creators is chock full of breakdowns, as one would expect from an IC release. It’s also full of stylized guitar work. You can tell there was a lot of effort put into the creation of each song and the album as a whole. There are improvements on everything from Rebirth EP, which I thought was great. Bass seems more prominent, the solos have more focus, the structures are more solid and less nonsensical like the early stuff, and utilization of drums is better (I believe IC uses a drum program). I like that there are more leads during breakdowns rather than just the chugging, even though I’m cool with that too.

IC has always been good with having a few songs that are super catchy and just have a way of worming their way into every aspect of your life. It can be anything from the chorus, to a breakdown, to something the vocals do. It can be anything. On Desecration of the Universe it was “Ghost Firetruck” and “Trifecta of Pull.” On Rebirth EP it was “Indubitably” and “A Detriment to the Team.” On Prime Creators the predators are “Quid Pro Quo,” “Anonymous,” and “Zebra Carnival.” These songs are catchy because they have a way of reeling you in with the breakdowns and riffs. Naturally, you’ll find that on every song on Prime Creators, but those three are pretty much guaranteed to get you.

To answer the proposed question from earlier: yes, Prime Creators is worth the hype it built up. The amount of effort put into this release sure paid off on both ends. Every song is uniquely done. I enjoyed Prime Creators completely and definitely recommend it. The only complaint I have, and this is totally based on personal preference, is that the levels of each layer weren’t even and some things seemed stacked on top of other things or were just hidden in general. The vocals seem to be a bit louder than other things on every track and the bass is lower than everything, but most bands do that. Sometimes a second guitar track is playing something cool, but it’s behind everything and becomes difficult with all that’s being played. I’m sure that was done on purpose since there was a lot of visible effort put into Prime Creators.

Rate: 8.9/10

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