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Review: Inhuman Remnants – Solipsis

Before I begin, it is important to note that the Solipsis duration is only an EP in the sense that three tracks were produced and released together. In actuality, there is just one song sandwiched between a spooky prelude and an even more unpleasant epilogue track… however , this is a good thing.

For one, the intro track is a creepy little thing. It takes me back to the day I thought it would be a good idea to listen to the scariest 911 calls ever made; before the song starts, there is that unnerving moment where you know the home invader did not come to rob.

The song itself is actually quite solid, it has a doom-like opening which takes from where the prelude track left off. The best thing about these types of songs is that you know they will give you your listening worth. After a minute and a half, the pace changes and heads in a completely new direction. The feature which best stands out are the vocals that will easily have Deathcore and Grindcore fans in awe. The genre itself is a contemporary fusion of groove and death metal. Not necessarily new, but definitely catchy and refreshing among the latest death metal releases. Beyond the four minute mark, the breakdown comes in and becomes the song’s fading point. A pretty good five minutes.

The last track is not a song, but if you listen to it at night, it will definitely have you checking that your doors and windows are locked. I’m not going to describe to you what I heard, but I will say that if you are unfamiliar with survival horror games, these two and a half minutes will have you giving some interesting reactions.

I definitely enjoyed the duration. Apart from a good approach to Death Metal, it leaves one wondering how their other material sounds, and more importantly, I don’t think I’ve ever headbanged and been anxious in the same eight or so minutes. A job well done.

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