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Review: Ingested – The Architect of Extinction

Ingested is a 5-piece slamming death metal band from Manchester, UK. Their current line-up is Jay Evans (vocals), Sean Hynes (guitar, vocals), Sam Yates (guitar, vocals), Brad Fuller (bass), and Lyn Jeffs (drums). They have released four albums and one EP.
The first song, The Divine Right of Kings, hits the listener with a heavy guitar riff and brutal vocals. I like the guitars in this song. They have cool, shredding riffs. I like how they alternate between shredding and groovy riffs. There are a few parts of this song where the guitars have pretty heavy riffs. The vocals range from lows to highs. My favorite vocals that occur in this song are the highs. Moving onto the drumming in the song, one can expect complicated drum beats, and very fast playing. He has really cool fills.

The second song, Narcissistic Apathy features some really great drumming by Jeffs. He does a great job switching up the speed of his playing. The vocals include lows and highs. I find the frequent change of vocals unique, but enjoyable to listen to. The guitars have a great harmony in this song. I admire their ability to write complex riffs.

Endless Despondency starts out with a bang. It includes very fast drumming along with fast vocals. There is a sick breakdown in this song. It’s unexpected and kept me interested. I like how the guitars don’t always shred. Notice how frequently the pace of the song changes. There is a lot going on here but it helps keep the listener’s attention. It’s nice how they slowed down the guitar playing towards the end of the song. The song ends with a creepy voice recording.

After the voice recording, The Heirs to Mankind’s Atrocities starts. I really like the guitars in this song. They’re played very fast but they have incorporated refreshing riffs that allow a break from the shredding. After the slower guitars, the song kicks up the pace with insanely fast drumming and great shredding. The vocals in this song are sweet. They are mainly lows with some really low vocals.

Song 5 of 10 is titled I, Despoiler. The different instruments work very well with each other in this song. The guitars do a great job matching the pitch of the vocals. There is a solo in this song that I wasn’t expecting. It’s a pretty slow one. I like the vibratos in this solo. The vocals in this song also get very low. I also found the lead guitar in the outro very enjoyable.

Penance, an instrumental track, is up next with a wonderful acoustic guitar piece in the intro. After a while the other instruments enter which flows in nicely to the rest of the song. The guitars are the main focus of this track. This song has a sweet solo that is again pretty slow but speeds up. The drumming is also very good. I like the fast double bass.

Track 7, A Nightmare Incarnate, begins with very complex vocals. Pay close attention to these vocals. They are mainly lows, but the speed at which they are delivered is incredible. The other instruments do a good job keeping up with the feel of the album. They change the speed, and offer the listener intricate riffs and sweet beats and fills.

Song 8 of 10 is titled Extinction Event. I absolutely love the drums in this song. He mainly plays extremely fast. The guitars don’t shred too much which is nice because it helps keep the listener interested. I found the use of high vocals in this song to be a nice break from the lows. Again, the drummer manages to impress me. It’s insane how fast he can play. There is also a nice solo towards the end of the song.

Nearing the end of this great album is a song called Amongst Vermin. The intro to this song is sick. It has sweet drumming and cool riffs that work well together. The guitars have a heavy feel to them. There is a sick breakdown around halfway through the song, but it is a short one. I like how the guitars played slowly and built up to playing fast.

The last song is called Rotten Eden that features a sweet lead guitar followed by a solo in the intro. The intro was a nice change from the usual feel of this album. I found the use of highs in this song enjoyable. They should incorporate more highs. The drummer continues to be a beast on the drums, delivering complex drum beats, and fast double bass to name a few.

Overall, I found this album to be a very enjoyable one. All of the members created very interesting material in this album. I like how they had a few solos in this album. I look forward to seeing more from these guys in the future.

I’d give this album a 9.3/10.

You can purchase The Architect of Extinction on Amazon.

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