Review: Inception – Two Twisted Stories

North Carolina metalcore band Inception returns from the ashes with a very brief, 2-song EP called Two Twisted Stories. There are only 2 songs because the band was supposed to do a split album with another band, but circumstances did not allow for the split to finish, so they released their half as an EP. The last release before this EP was Prisoners from 2014, so it’s nice to hear from Inceptions again. It is currently on Bandcamp for free and it will take less than 7 minutes of your time to check this out.

“Shadows of Ruins” is the first track. It spans a few genres including metalcore, beatdown, and deathcore. It is interesting how the song’s sound goes from an upbeat metalcore tone to a heavier and angrier one by the end. There is a breakdown early in the song, but after it is done is when tonal changes occur. I don’t know if it is me, but the bass is more audible after that initial breakdown. After the second breakdown (which also serves as a bridge) is when “Shadows of Ruins” takes on a beatdown vibe, complete with a group shout.

“The Animal” starts off with a deathcore-esque riff and an alternation between guttural and high vocals. It remains a deathcore dominant sounding song, so I’m going to stick with that. The bridge here is catchy; it has a subtle lead and descending chords, both of which goes along great with the alternating vocal methods. The bridge leads into a breakdown then there’s another quick bridge then another breakdown then the song fades out. I like this song, but it could do without one or two of the breakdowns, but that’s just my opinion.

The production here is nice, though I would turn down the vocals a little and turn up the lead guitar when necessary, like during the first bridge on “The Animal.” The drums come in very clearly and the bass is present, so I really can’t complain. I like how the snare drum cuts through everything because it delivers an effective stab. I guess I would say I like “Shadows of Ruins” more just because it offers more in the song progression, but both songs are nice.

Rate: 7.4/10

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