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Review: In Dying Arms – Boundaries

The melodic deathcore behemoth’s In Dying Arms, consistently out-do themselves. With their most recently released album Boundaries, IDA has proved themselves capable of so much more than just playing music. They’ve mastered the art of eliciting emotion from even the most brutal songs, through absolutely incredible instrumentals, and unparalleled vocals.

Despite Boundaries being released in late 2012, its a very relevant album to today’s deathcore scene. With a potent mix of heavy and emotional breakdowns, fast tremolo picking, and dark catchy riffs, the entire album is one you’ll have on your mind for some time to come.

Boundaries opens with “Second Best”, a heavy tank of a song that brutalizes everything it comes into contact with. During the intro breakdown, an eerie guitar wails conjuring an apocalyptic image. Seconds later Orion screams, bringing all the rage and fire of hell with him. I’ll leave you to read the lyrics for yourself as they can be intense (with a potential rape/abuse TW). Rest assured, when Orion was asked about such lyrics, he replied that they weren’t from any personal experience. About halfway through, the song changes to a beautiful, albeit dark and deranged, bridge-like experience.

Thats one constant on Boundaries that you won’t find on your average deathcore album. Between the heavy bits, there are truly beautiful and melodic bridges and verses. A great example of this would be one of my all-time favorite songs, “Horizons“. Within the first seconds of the song’s build-up, its clear an epic is being built. From the swelling guitars, to the emotional and rhythmic beating of the drums, “Horizons” is a great example of IDA’s diversity in writing excel. At it’s peak, the dooming melodic chords and a clean, uplifting guitar plucking ringing notes in the background with deep powerful low growls (emotionally screaming “You were my sun… sometimes it’s hard to move on), leads to an overwhelming feeling of sorrow and sadness- its , absolutely incredible. Really, you’re only hurting yourself if you don’t listen to it.

But let’s not forget the face-eating, plague-bringing demon, “Bathed In Salt (Ft. Fronz)“. This track, as you may have guessed, references the “Miami Zombie” attack, in which a man named Rudy Eugene was high on bath salts and ate a homeless man’s face. Musically, the song is ferocious and sadistic. Its fast paced and never lets up. Orion sounds especially demonic throughout the song and it becomes very easy to imagine the man behind the voice turning rabid and “gnawing on your skin… now who the fuck is next?”. Between the violent and relentless and the beautiful and elegant, there’s a lot of variety and something for everyone on In Dying Arms’ album Boundaries.


On a more recent note, IDA has released a new single called “Lives On Display” back in 2014 to hype their new album due out sometimes this year. Check this post back later for more updates and hopefully an interview with the band about their new album!

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