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Review: In Depths & Tides – Shroud EP

In Depths & Tides are an American progressive deathcore band from New England. Formed in 2011, they’ve released one full length and one EP, toured with an incredibly impressive list of bands and survived numerous member changes.

The first thing I want to say about this EP is that is one of the best deathcore releases of 2016 so far. A bit early in the review for a summary you might be thinking? well, listen to more than half a track and you’ll probably see where I’m coming from. Firstly, its difficult to put them in a specific sub genre as they offer a lot of diversity- from djenty guitar chops to crushing breakdowns and metalcore-esque vibes in-between, there’s a lot going on and it never feels too hectic. I’ve always considered any band that can’t be put in a specific genre to be a good one, and these guys are no exception.

Instrumentally this album is awe inspiring; technical, but not showing off, melodic but not for a second diminishing of the heaviness, and heavy without being heavy for the sake of it. Breakdowns are carefully placed for maximum impact, which is refreshing nowadays. Everything seems to have been carefully thought out, and I think it really shows and has paid off. The EP creates an amazing soundscape that really captivated me, and I think that’s a really magical thing and not many bands are capable of doing this.

There’s something else I need to get off my chest, (cough) SHADOWS OF INTENT. A lot of you have probably heard of these guys and know how insane they are. The reason I’m name dropping is because you’re probably not aware that Ben Duerr, the vocalist from Shadows of Intent, was the vocalist for this EP, and in my personal opinion this EP completely smashes Shadows of Intents’ latest release, which really is saying something. Ben Duerr has acquired a reputation for being an absolute beast of a vocalist and all in a relatively short time, and for good reason – his range is incredible, his lows are spine crushing, his gutturals are absolutely filthy and his highs give me goosebumps. Not to mention the use of the increasingly popular banshee-like shrieks, most commonly associated in the deathcore scene with Travis Ryan and Dickie Allen. Used sparingly but to great effect, it’s good to hear them creeping in to more records. Unfortunately, In Depths & Tides have parted ways with Ben Duerr now, which is a shame as it was match made in heaven (or should I say hell?), but they had managed to release a killer album without him ([bio]luminescence) and from what the band say they have a new vocalist already in place who they claim is a great fit.

All in all this an astounding EP and I could go on about it for days. I do have one tiny bit of criticism though. Why the hell wasn’t it promoted more? This is a record that definitely deserves attention yet there was little hype upon release, which blows my mind. My guess is that the departure of Ben sadly overshadowed the bands urge to share it around, and whether it be true or not I feel like they should definitely not let this get in the way of the success it deserves. Give this EP a chance and share it, help it get the love it needs!

rating: 9/10





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