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Review: Imperium – Titanomachy

Imperium is a Technical Death Metal band from the UK. They currently only have two core members, Mike Alexander on the guitars and Doug Anderson on the vocals. They have outside help with other aspects of the album. They are currently signed to Ultimate Massacre Productions and have released an album called Sacramentum in August 2015 and their new album that I am reviewing, Titanomachy, was released in September of 2016.

Othrys begins with a huge buildup. It consists of ancient war sounds in the background followed by a creepy female singing voice. There are some cool drums that make a nice addition.

The guitars that start in Castrate the Father of the Sky have a nice melody to them. The band picks up the pace at 0:34. You can hear the technical side of this band with the sick scale-like riffs. The drumming is very good in this song. Be sure to check out the sweet double-bass. 2:37-2:52 gives us a glimpse as to what the guitarists can do with soloing. I’m looking forward to hearing more guitar solos by Imperium. The vocalist does a great job in mixing up the styles.

Beast From Beneath is up next and the band kicks in right away. I’m not normally a fan of technical genres but I really like the guitar work so far. The drummer blows me away with his capabilities. There are also great vocal moments where he gets pretty low (nearing guttural vocals). I was not expecting the clean guitars at 2:10-2:22. This shows that they can play on the softer side that can be a nice break from their usual skull-crushing speed. This song also contains a nice guitar solo followed by that clean guitar piece.

I love the intro riff in the next song, Descend Abysmal Void. It’s a sick mixture of slow and fast playing. The guitar work contains a lot of technical material in this song and I think that fans of technical metal won’t be disappointed. This is another solid song. It follows the theme of this album well.

I love the slow guitar piece in the intro of Ingurgitate the Traitor. It’s a surprising break from the insane speed that this band plays at. I’m a big fan of the vocals in this song. There is a nice variety including synched vocals. The guitars continue to be very technical. The instruments in this album have accompanied each other very well throughout this album so far. 3:06-3:31 contains a killer guitar solo.

Into the Abode of the Dead is another short track. Nothing that special about this song but I do like the guitar work. The guitar almost sounds like it’s an acoustic guitar.

The Unseen One is up next. I really like the drums in this song. He creates some sick head-banging beats. I like the alternate vocal styles from 0:31-0:40. I like how they experiment with a wide variety of vocal styles. 1:33- 1:45 showcases how low the vocalist can get and it’s enjoyable to listen to. 1:54-2:23 contains an awesome solo that has a Slayer feel to it. I was surprised to hear a second solo later on in this song.

Skies that bear Thunder is the last short track on this album. It is a nice instrumental piece featuring some sick guitar playing. I like how they switched things up a bit with an instrumental track.

The guitars are very technical in the intro to Phlegethon Rising. I really admire how fast the guitarists can play. The drummer also delivers a lot of fast and complex drum beats. The speed that the instruments are playing at in this song is what stands out to me the most. The vocalist continues to deliver solid screams. 3:47 is a nice break from the speed and they deliver a nice head-banging piece.

The instrumentals work together very well in the intro of their song Minos. There is also some sick synched vocals. I like the guitar build-up at 2:08 leading into the solo. The songs are structured very well in this album. There is a lot of lead guitar work in this song that is worth checking out.

Nearing the end of this album, Neither like Gods nor Men starts with a creepy tone containing clean, delayed guitars. After a short break, the band resumes it hard-hitting style. The drummer manages to keep up the insane speed that has impressed me throughout this album. The guitarists continue their insane technical riffs. I’m looking forward to seeing how they progress throughout the years. 2:10-2:24 is a rather weird piece containing clean guitars and a creepy voice. The solo towards the end of the song is another great one.

Titanomachy begins with a rather interesting orchestral piece and a sweet “drum” beat. The drummer can play insanely fast as demonstrated in the intro of this song. I like the tremolo picking that occurs in this song. The drums really stand out in this song. I like the shout type screams in the middle of the song. I like how they experiment with the different styles of screaming. The vocalist delivers some very high and long screams 4:43-5:12. The song begins to fade at 5:31, bringing this album to a close with instrumentals and a lead guitar playing in the background followed by creepy opera-type vocals.

This album is definitely one of my favorites that has been released this year. It contains killer drummer, insane technical and lead guitar playing, as well as brutal vocals. This album is available on the band’s Bandcamp page. This album is of an A quality in my opinion and I would give it 9.5 out of 10 stars.

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