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Review: Ichor – Benthic Horizon

Ichor is a Death Metal band from Germany. Their current line-up is: Eric (vocals), Daniel (guitar), Jo (guitar), Norb (bass), and Dirk (drums). Since their formation in 2008, they have released four albums. Benethic Horizon has nine songs and a total run-time of 38 minutes and 8 seconds.

The Gorgon beings the album with some eerie music. The transition into the normal sound was done well. Be sure to check out the shredding from 1:35-1:47. I really like the drumming so far. He plays really fast and has sick beats. 2:43-2:58 has a nice headbanging riff.

The opening to Barotrauma has some killer drums. The vocalist delivers some heavy lows. I really like the range that Eric has. 0:46-0:59 has a cool stop-and-go-feel to it. Also check out the lead guitar playing that follows. There’s a cool guitar solo in this song (2:03-2:33).

Conquest of Darkness begins with some killer vocals. The intro guitar riff is also sick. 0:46-1:03 has a nice melody. I really like the rhythm that is present from 1:36-1:52. I also found the lead guitar during the outro enjoyable. This is a decent track.

The intro guitar riff to Wreckage sounds great. I also really like the drums that follow. His speed impresses me. 0:53-1:01 has a sick beat. I love how fast the guitar riff between 1:55 and 2:10 is. This is a pretty cool song. It definitely showcases what the drummer is capable of.

Among the Swarm has a voice recording intro with a guitar building up and leads to a sick breakdown-type riff. 1:15-1:20 has a short but awesome sweep-picking part. I like the combination of slow guitar playing and fast drumming (3:00-3:10). The vocalist does a great job with the lows at 3:51.

…More Victims has some intense vocals in the beginning. I really like the guitar riff from 0:36-0:54. I was surprised to hear some lead guitar work shortly after. This is another decent track. The drummer continues to deliver impressive beats.

The Depth Within begins with a sweet guitar riff. I love the fast drumming that accompanies it. There is a surprising breakdown in this song at 0:54 that’s worth checking out. Also check out some more sick sweep picking at 2:17. The outro guitar work is also nice.

The Deepest Blue Is Black starts with a heavy guitar riff. I like the squealies in it. I am surprised that they included a solo basically right in the beginning of the song. There is another solo at 2:47 that’s pretty slow but it sounds cool. Also check out the outro. They did a good job on the guitars.

The last song, Possessor Of Soil, begins with some sweet drumming. I like the guitar riff that follows the intro. It’s rather simple but heavy. 2:53-3:10 has a refreshing guitar solo.

Overall, this is a decent album. The drumming is sick. The vocalist does a good job at using multiple screams. There is solid guitar playing with some cool solos. I would give this album a 7.3 out of 10.

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