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Review: Human Prey – Return of The True Kings

I gotta be honest with you, when I heard the band name, the album title, and saw the album cover, I really was not impressed or having any high expectations… but then, I pressed play.

The opening track “Regiment of Fear” was only an intro, yet there was something dark and unnerving in that build up that gave me goosebumps – a bit like the first time you see a Xenomorph in the original Alien movie – nothing to do but feel anxious and wait to see what happens next.

“Crowned Hate” gives us an outline of this band’s style. It’s obviously old school Death Metal, but modern, as in they are not trying to sound like a crappy version of Morbid Angel, and they actually took the time to get things decently recorded. In the sing itself there is a verse, chorus, verse, chorus structure but it is interesting and fresh. The vocals sound exactly like one would expect a grim reaper to sound, yet more menacing. In the bridge however, we are surprised to find that there is a pig squeal, some highs, and a few heavier riffs to follow. Woah! This grim reaper won’t be slicing away at you with a scythe, he’ll be chasing you with oversized hooks to turn you into pulled pork.

Halfway through, “The Faceless One” has a much faster start to the song as there are tremoloing guitars and blast beats. These variations of speeds and structures are what prevent this song from being one-dimensional, and to finish strong, there is an array of chugs that lead to the songs fadeout.

“Ascension” is perhaps my favorite as this one is the most versatile and time-changing. There are even some chromatic slams and pig squeals that would please most Katalepsy fans. This band is nowhere near technical or particularly slamming enough to be anything beyond Death Metal, yet in their own way, they are still brutal and evil-sounding.

The title track “Return of The True Kings” is perhaps one the most suitable songs to have at the end of any album or playlist. Simply put, the ideas are fresh, the chugs keep on coming with plenty of guttural and pig-squealing sickness. It’s like some unholy wedding cake of tiers upon tiers of riffs. In conclusion, this track ends with the same riffs that were used to build up in the first track. Purely so listeners can listen to this five-tracked beauty in a loop.

An easy 10/10. Death Metal done right. I couldn’t find any faults nor suggest any improvements, but most importantly, I can see myself listening to this duration in a loop over and over again.

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