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Review: Hopes Die Last – Trust No One

Released on Valentine’s Day, 2012, Trust No One is a heart-wrenching album. While coming in at just under forty-five minutes, the twelve songs convey an emotional feeling of nostalgia while kicking on the afterburners for a blast of heavy when appropriate.

There’s no quick and good way to describe Trust No One. With two EPs and two LPs (including the aforementioned), Hopes Die Last have managed to successfully grow and mature from each record to the next. Simply put, every aspect of Trust No One is better than what you’re expecting.

While technically post-hardcore, Daniele Tofani’s screams are very unique (in a great way), versatile and demonic for the genre. He’s solid throughout the album with a great mix of mids, yells, the occasional low and signature highs. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Marco “Becko” Calanca’s cleans are celestial and uplifting. Whether he’s echoing screams in the background, or taking a chorus by storm in the forground, Becko provides some of the best cleans in the genre.

The only instrumental on the album, “The Blue” is a slow, minimalistic, Underoath-esq song that darkly flows. It conjures up images of a rainy or snowy night, or a foggy memory. Its a masterfully crafted song that builds perfectly up to the next track. One other standout track is “Keep Your Hands Off (feat. Nesko)”. The song is electronically driven, to the point that I’d like to hear it in a club or party. Despite being very different from the rest of the album, it fits well with the rest of the songs.

Overall, Trust No One is a great album, full of twists and turns. Its versatility and experimentation are definitely marks for it. I’ve had the album on repeat since I first got it, and I can tell it won’t be leaving my top ten anytime soon.


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If you liked “Keep Your Hands Off (feat. Nesko)”, check out this link to their new EP, Wolfpack that’s sounds heavily influenced by said song.

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