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Review: Hollow Prophet – Hellhole EP

For those familiar with Jonestown Mourning and Human Error, you’ll be pleased to know that the Hellhole EP by Hollow Prophet is yet another project by the members of Acrania, Within Destruction, Slaughter To Prevail, and Shadow of Intent. It’s obviously Slamming Deathcore, but a whole brutal step up.

As “Internal Cleansing” opens up, we’re assaulted by an instrumental head-charge of black metal tremolos and slamming grooves piloted by some of the most insane gutturals and toilet bowls we could ever have expected. One may need to listen to this track a second time in order to fully comprehend this fast-paced massacre and actually notice the sweet guitar solo. The second half of the track takes direction in a path that is very much Slam, a lot meatier and easier to follow. An excellent opening track to make one grab for the whole package. This is a super group indeed.

“Black Communion” quickly follows up and surpasses. It would seem the shortest songs are either the best tracks or the worst tracks on any album/EP. This one is my favourite. There is so much variation in everything; highs, lows, gutturals, toilet bowls, and very brief pig squeals. Some if the breakdowns remind me of ones heard on Lorna Shore’s Flesh Coffin album. Then of course, some slams to conclude the track.

Perhaps the most technical track, “Conjuring of Impurity” is also very diverse in the use of styles. As I listen, I hear bits that have proper Mitch Lucker sounding screams, guitars that take a glimpse into Rings of Saturn territory, as well as a few speedier segments that remind me of Aversions Crown’s Xenocide album. Slamming Deathcore-wise, this track is one the best examples of the still yet-to-be-fully-recognised genres.

Despite being a Thy Art Is Murder fan, I’m actually not a fan of the Thy Art Is Murder feel that “Deluded Dominion” has instrumentally. You see, were it not for the vocals, I would think that this was a hidden song off the Holy War album – I do like that album, but I can’t stand if another band replicates that particular sound… but hold it right there, cowboy! I think the vocals are on this track are nothing shirt of amazing – perhaps the track where the vocals shine the brightest. I’m not going into detail as to which guttural or high of which segment really nailed it. Instead, I will tell you they were so inspiring that I will definitely start getting lessons from proper Deathcore vocalists in my local area.

Overall, I am pleased that this motley crew of members have yet again created a project together that sounds nothing like their previous ones. If you’ve ever wanted to specifically get into Slamming Deathcore, then get a move on and get an earful of this EP. An undisputed 9.5/10.

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