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Review: Hollow Mirror – Corrupt Constitution

Hollow Mirror is a Melodic Death Metal band from Moscow, Russia. The band’s current line-up is: Nick Slavsky (vocals), Polina Slavskaya (guitar), and Ivan Kozyulin (guitar). Since the band’s formation in 2009, they have released an EP called Approaching Visions in October 2011, a single called Lost in March 2012, another single called Crimson Eye in September 2012, and the full-length album that I will be reviewing which was released in April 2016. This is a relatively short album, containing only 8 songs.

The first song on this album is called Corrupt Constitution and it’s the longest song in this album. Right off the bat, they have a voice recording following instrumentals. The riff after the intro (0:43-1:02) is pretty sweet. 2:05-2:36 contains a sick head-banging piece with high-quality drumming. I love hearing a guitar solos and the solo from 2:55-3:23 is no exception. Unfortunately I am not that big of a fan of the vocals, but this could be due to the production quality. With respect to the lyricist, however, I do admire his/her writing ability. The lyrics are available to read on their Bandcamp page.

I was really surprised to hear clean vocals in the next song, Worth Dying For. I like them. Check out the cleans in this song. This song has solid riffs in it. The instrumentals do a great job playing behind the vocalist in the choruses. There is also another guitar solo nearing the end of the song (3:27-4:02). The guitarist really knows his/her way around the guitar. They can create sick riffs and killer solos.

The opening riff in Black Gold Obsession is great. I was not expecting the lead guitars to play right after. I like how they alternate between the heavy riff and the melodic one. The band does a great job playing as one. Another solo is present in this song. The guitarists continue to impress me with their shredding capabilities. Overall this is another solid track.

Hatred Cultivation will be examined next. This is the shortest song on the album. The guitars kick off right away with a heavy riff. I really enjoyed the melody between 0:28 and 0:45. I like how they add frequent choruses in this album. The drummer does a great job accompanying the guitarists in this song. Check out the solo at 1:44 to 2:05. It’s another sick one.

The Curse opens up with a sick head-banging riff. Slavsky can get pretty low in this song in the intro (0:12-0:40). I’m a big fan of the drums in this song. They really stand out to me here. Be sure to pay close attention to the sick fills and fast playing. 2:11-2:42 contains a killer solo where the guitarists incorporate various techniques (shredding, bends, sweep picking). This is another sweet solo by Hollow Mirror.

The Dark Winner starts out with a rather interesting riff. I believe this is a bass instrument we get to hear. This is one of my favorite riffs that I have heard in a while. The drummer accompanies the rest of the instruments really well in this song. There’s also a surprising lead guitar playing in 1:18 – 1:29. I say lead here because it doesn’t really have a “solo-feel” to it. There is a lot of lead guitar work in this song, including a solo nearing the end of the song.

I was not expecting the intro riff in Left Alone. There is a lot of squealies in this song. I like the “stop-and-go” feeling you get from listening to the vocals in this song. It’s nice to see them experimenting with different delivery techniques. The solo from 2:06 – 2:19 adds to their collection of killer solos. This is a decent track in the album.

The song Lost brings this album to a close. The fast drumming really impresses me in the intro. The double bass is also a very nice touch. I like the head-banging riff that followed the solo (2:29-2:49).

This is a decent album. The guitarists really know their stuff (e.g., they can create killer solos and interesting riffs). The drummer impressed me numerous times throughout this album. The vocals were pretty cool. The lyrics in this album were an exciting read. I like how descriptive the lyricist was and how rhymes were brought in. Overall, I’d give this album a 7 out of 10. I am looking forward to hearing how this band progresses in the future.




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