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Review: Her Demise My Rise – Curses E.P.

So what’s the deal with Her Demise My Rise? Surely you’ve heard about them recently. The SoCal band that suddenly sprung up out of nowhere with a heavy hitting, new E.P., brutally labeled Curses E.P.. From the opening track, to the last scream, HDMR has composed one of the heaviest E.P.s of early 2015, and definitely one of the best albums coming out of SoCal in recent memory.

The Curses E.P. is comprised of four songs, each song is just as heavy as the last- if not more, and as Curses progresses it’s hard not to get involved, whether it be by head banging, pumping your fists or screaming along. To put it simply, Her Demise My Rise has unleashed a heavy, grooving, chugging beast that deserves at least one listen from any serious chugcore/metalcore fan.

The opening title track Curses”, begins with panic chords meshed with chugs and kick. A reverb’d scream takes over the suspenseful build-up and on its explosion, a calculated barrage of screams, chugging, and rage is unleashed. Lasting only 3:57, “Curses”, is a great introduction and more importantly, sets the mood and the tone fantastically for the rest of the album. From the first song alone, its easy to hear that the rest of the album will be heavy on the low end, with a slightly wet guitar sound. The bass is twangy and audible, while the drums hit hard and are much more of a presence of force than on other albums you may hear out of the scene. While not the most unique and original album out there, there are more than a few epic moments and lyrics. Over the course of listening, I found myself screaming along and beating my chest to the more intense parts, more than once.

Throughout the Curses E.P., you’ll hear a healthy mix of low screams, growls, the occasional yell, and highs. The majority of the EP consists of lows and growls, though don’t write off the yells or highs, they’re fantastic. Speaking of fantastic, every single vocal uttered on the album is great. Any low vocals are deep, brutal, and sincere (meaning it doesn’t just sound like a monotone scream, there’s a voice and person behind it), while the highs and yells are punishing and surgically exact.

Overall, between the vocals and instrumentals, the Curses E.P. is more than exciting and dynamic enough to warrant an outstanding recommendation and two thumbs up.


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And you can pick up Curses now on their Bandcamp!

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