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Review: Helm’s Deep – Unmarked Grave

“Former members of Moria have regrouped as Helm’s Deep to bring back the fun, intensity, and sheer brutality metal and hardcore music brings. No bullshit, just punishing riffs and groove. We aren’t changing the way you think of music, we’re just being nerdy and crushing everything in sight”. I couldn’t agree more – Helm’s Deep bring the mosh in the best possible way.

What we have here is a 4 song demo, concentrated around breakdowns and great riff-/drum-work. Special praise & shout outs to the band – the songs feel very well structured and on point. I’d also like to thank them for the short duration of this 2012 produced demo – it’s perfect for lazy reviewers who procrastinate their way through life (thanks for having me & my useless a$#  chief, I’ll be more regular, I promise).

As for the demo itself – it’s basically one very long breakdown, divided into four parts. First we have “Dovahkiin” – perfect for a Monday morning, especially if you’re having a rough morning start.  “Harbinger” follows closely with a fresh mix of breakdowns & groove, which the dear reader will find especially suitable for his daily mosh diet. “Hollow” is equally awesome as the tracks before it, with the slight exception of having the sickest breakdown of the entire demo (also, dem riffs bruh, you’re mo$hing). “Relentless” starts with a riff straight outta 2007, very reminiscent of Knights Of The Abyss’ (RIP) work from the same time period; I was expecting a hidden breakdown at the end of the song though ;(. Lyric wise, the demo is centered the usual stuff – death, misery, disaster; you know the drill.

Overall, this is some great mosh material right here folks, take it while it’s still free (purchase it in all its magnificent glory on Bandcamp)


For fans of: Ovid’s Withering, Diablo 2, Skyrim, moshing.

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