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Review: Hellish God – The Evil Emanations

Hellish God is an Italian death band who recently released their first full-length album entitled The Evil Emanations. Italy has never been disappointing with death metal; it’s the motherland of Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hour of Penance, just to name two of my personal favorites, but there are a bunch more. You can check out Hellish God and The Evil Emanations on Spotify and Bandcamp!

It’s been quite some time since I sat down to write a review about new music. Besides being busy with life, I also just didn’t find much that I found so good that I felt I had to write about it…until The Evil Emanations. This album is just really cool and heavy and was much needed. Maybe I’m low key trendy, but I really love when bands write about the occult, Satanism, and gory topics in the lyrics. The Evil Emanations contains just that: occult and blasphemy. Even if you can’t make out some of the lyrics, you can feel it. While I don’t get an “evil” sound from any of these songs, it definitely feels blasphemic and satanic. When listening to these songs you can easily picture hellish scenes or some guys in robes, in no specific order.


Putting the themes aside, the riffs on this album are killer. Every song is pretty fast-paced in each aspect, though sometimes the vocals will drag notes out longer than the rest of the band. The slightly different vocal melodies often allow a really smooth flow for the riffs and give the listener a steady beat to headbang to. A great example of this is “Tagimron is Summoned.” The main riff shifts through four pitches for each beat. The notes are tremolo-picked and the shift between each pitch is escorted by the vocal melody. It’s a sweet combo. The drums play blast beats for most songs (as one would expect), but there are certain breaks, like in “Tagimron is Summoned,” where the drummer plays some sort of groovy or thick accompaniment.


What I mean by a thick accompaniment (since I have a limited musical vocabulary) is what is played in “Agitator Shall Be Triumphant!” The loose hi-hat sound is thicker than the ride cymbal here, so that’s what I meant. Interestingly enough, “Agitator Shall Be Triumphant!” is the only track on this album with a solo. It’s very brief and to the point, but nevertheless present. The solo didn’t catch my fancy since the tone was a bit too scratchy and had the tone knob too high, but that’s just me and I don’t think it ruins the song.


Another great thing about The Evil Emanations is that you can hear the bassist! Even if the bassist is just playing the same melody as the guitar(s) are, hearing it makes such a big difference as you can hear if you listen. While the drums are audible and clear, they sort of sound like they are behind everybody else in the mixing of the album. I personally would have preferred to have everything more even, but I suppose having an instrument farther back adds a certain depth. The only times I would say this “behind” sound has any negative impact is when the drummer hits the bell on the ride cymbal because he hits the bell at the best times in a song. I’m also a big fan of bell hits at the right moments and this guy does that, like in the last minute of (specifically 2:57-3:12, oh lord that’s my favorite)  “The Hindering Ones.” This whole last minute is amazing and heavy, but those bell hits are crucial. This section is probably my favorite section from the entire album, but there’s so much to choose from. Every song excluding the intro and interlude-ish track hits hard and has a lot to love.

As you can tell, I have thoroughly enjoyed The Evil Emanations and highly recommend you listen to this. This is definitely more for fans of Immolation and Hour of Penance. There isn’t much technicality; it’s mainly riffs, melodic/rhythmic changes, sick vocals, and sick drumming. Even if you prefer to have technicality in death metal songs, I still would suggest checking The Evil Emanations  out because the riffs really are fun.

Rate: 9.2/10

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