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Review: He Comes Later – Adam: The Decay

He Come’s Later is an Italian deathcore band and Adam: The Decay is their debut EP. Without giving too much away, Adam: The Decay is a heavy and groovy EP. It’s pretty long for an EP too; it has 7 songs and a running time of 27 minutes. You can listen to it/pick it up at Youtube, their Bigcartel, Spotify, and Bandcamp!

Like I just said, Adam: The Decay is a heavy EP that will surely please many of you. There are a lot of good riffs and vocal techniques on here. The vocals are generally very low and guttural, but not for the entire EP. “Beneath My Skin” has lows and a section of cleans too. I’m not a fan of the cleans here because it sounds kind of out of place with the rest of the song, but it isn’t very long and doesn’t ruin the song. “Beneath My Skin” features a sweeping solo with chugged and guttural support, all serving as the ending.

“One More Desciple…The Loyalest” has an ethereal rhythm (consisting of guitar and/or keyboard, depending on which part) during certain parts, one of which being after the first breakdown. With that said this song is breakdown heavy. There aren’t many times when there isn’t a breakdown, mostly just the beginning and ending. The same goes for “Blessed.” You’ll find all the chugging you want from those two songs alone.

Picking things up a bit from “One More Desciple…The Loyalest” is “From the Abyss.” “From the Abyss” has a Texas in July sound, which may be because of the main riff and guitar tone because the vocals are much different. The short lead at the very end will definitely ring that TIJ bell. The same goes for “Announcement.” The tones on the leads are close to that of TIJ. The breakdowns here vary greatly from TIJ though. These breakdowns tend to last longer, be slower, ring out more, and (again) the low vocals. “Announcement” brings back high vocals from the first track, “Beneath My Skin,” only for a cameo at the end.

The final track is a good track to sum up how Adam: The Decay is as a whole because it has traits from each song in it, minus the high vocals. “Throne of Deception” has a few major breakdowns and riffs in between. One of the riffs is great for doing all those kicks and whatever in the pit. It ends with a fading breakdown and a soft melody taking over. I wouldn’t mind this ending if it weren’t so long, but that’s okay.

For being He Come’s Later’s first EP, Adam: The Decay isn’t bad. It does have a lot of breakdowns, but the vocals and riffs make up for a lot. I don’t think this is spectacular, but I don’t think it’s bad. I would have liked to hear the bass in a more prominent light and less breakdowns, but that’s a personal preference and that’s HCL’s playing style. I recommend the songs “Beneath My Skin” and “Throne of Deception.”

Rate: 6.5/10

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