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Review: Hatred Reigns – Realm I: Affliction

This time around I’ll be review Hatred Reigns’ new EP Realm I: Affliction. This EP is very brief with only 3 tracks, but hey that’s 12 minutes of straight death metal. With little room to impress, Hatred Reigns does a lot with a little in this tasty piece of art they call Realm I: Affliction.

Riffs are plenty and hefty on every track and the drumming is exciting. Actually almost everything is exciting on Realm I: Affliction. Every song progresses and changes uniquely. For example, the first track “In Anguish” changes tempo a couple times to really drive the progression of the song then steers it back on to the original course. When the song does change its direction it still sounds like its part of the same song, which is somewhat difficult to pull off effectively so props to Hatred Reigns for that. Progression is great until you aren’t sure what song you’re listening to; luckily that isn’t the problem here.

The vocals are grow-ly and sometimes layered for an extra evil effect. Paired up with some of the more spidery riffs there is almost an occult sound to it, especially on “Pain Leads to Nothingness.” I don’t want to spoil much, but this track has a very cool bridge towards the end that leads to a heavy finish.

The last thing I want to go over, in typical fashion, is the production. The mastering is kind of weird on Realm I: Affliction. The first track sounds kind of bad while the other two sound a lot more standard. On the first track it’s hard to distinguish the two guitar tracks and certain drum sounds. The other two songs are a lot easier to hear things like that. Of course, the bassist is almost silent, only peaking through at certain points when the guitars are doing certain things. Putting that aside, Hatred Reigns has a very nice and heavy EP. There is a lot to enjoy between the guitars and drums alone then you have the vocalist spewing out his contribution. It’s a very enjoyable EP and I would recommend this to fans of other death metal.

Rate: 8.5/10

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