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Review: Halcyon Days – Self-Titled EP

A new EP stepped out into the world from 5-piece Norwegian progressive hardcore/metalcore act Halcyon Days. The EP is self-titled and has 5 relatively short tracks, so it’s a quick listen. You can checkout Halcyon Days on Spotify and Bandcamp!

As I already said, Halcyon Days runs through quick and will be over before you know it and that’s not a bad thing. By the time the EP is over it’s a bit of a bummer, like “ah man I thought there were at least 2 tracks left.” It’s hard to explain the attraction to Halcyon Days because the music wasn’t utterly mind-blowing or groundbreaking, but it certainly is not dull or boring or anything of that sort.

What drew me in initially were the drumming and rhythm tracks. Sometimes the drummer plays a blast beat while this really calm rhythm is playing on guitar, kinda giving the not-so-angry riffs some sharper teeth, yet still not sounding aggressive. The last two tracks, “Hiraeth” and “Clear,” are the best examples of that. The first two tracks, “Utopia” and “Echoes,” have the teeth in the vocal delivery. Yes, the vocal style is the same on each song, but for some reason the first two tracks just sound like there is more emotional drive behind them. I could be completely wrong, but that’s just the feeling I’m getting from them.

Emotion is embedded in each song in different ways and is clear if you listen close enough. My favorite song on Halcyon Days is “Hiraeth” because it’s a tiny journey and those killer rhythms. My least favorite is “Echoes.” It isn’t a bad song, but it sounds a bit more predictable with some of the trademark traits it uses. You’ll be able to hear what I mean if you check it out. Other than that and the lack of audible bass, I enjoyed Halcyon Days quite a bit. It’s a nifty little EP and is very brief, so at least listen to half.

Rate: 7.7/10

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