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Review: Grace Disgraced – Lasting Afterdeaths

Grace Disgraced is a Russian Death Metal band formed in 2004. Their current line-up is: Polina Berezko (vocals), Aleksandr Klaptsov (guitars), Pavel Semin (bass), and Andrey Ischenko (drums). Since their formation, they have released: Materialized Expectation (an EP), Enthrallment Traced, and The Primal Cause: Womanumental. Lasting Afterdeaths is a 7-song album and contains a total run-time of 55 minutes and 17 seconds.

The drumming in the first song, Grave Among the Stars, is really interesting. I love the beats and fills. The guitar riff at 1:15 is enjoyable. Berezko delivers some pretty sick vocals. His lows are sweet. Check out a sweet guitar solo at 3:02. I found it interesting how they had a pause shortly after the solo.

Childhood of the Dead has a sick bass riff in the intro. The melody that follows is a good one to check out. I really like the brutal scream at 1:50. I was not expecting the tempo change around 3:10. I like how they switched it up a bit. Be sure to check out the outro, it’s sick. The drumming is great.

The guitar riff in Wheels Demonical Spin in the intro is great. I love the slow, heavy sound. There’s a rather interesting guitar solo at 2:45. It’s pretty short but I like it. The melody at 4:26 sounds great.

The Mute starts out with some brutal vocals. I was surprised to hear a change in the guitars after. There’s a shredding guitar solo at 1:30 that I found enjoyable. This is a decent track.

The intro to Part of the History is cool. I like how you can hear the bass in it and the drumming is interesting. 5:19-5:43 has a pretty cool slow guitar solo. The lead guitar playing after is pretty sweet too. It has a scale feeling to it.

I really like the guitars in the intro of Captured in Snow. They have a creepy sound. I like how the song picks up the pace around 3:35. There’s some interesting lead guitar playing around 4:10. I like the slow feeling it has. Also check out a sick breakdown-type riff around 5:05.

The clean guitars in the intro of the last song, What Hide the Woods of Gevaudan contains a lot of arpeggio-type guitar playing. I found it a nice change. Check out some sick double bass at 4:54. I really like the melody around 6:45. The ending has some really cool drum fills.


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