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Review: Gomorrah – The Haruspex

Death metal duo (they have performers to play live with, but only 2 official members) Gomorrah have concocted 10 tracks of face melting death metal under the guise The Haruspex. Due to release in mid January, The Haruspex is about 30 minutes long and surely keeps you locked in the whole time. You will be able to buy The Haruspex from Bandcamp, but you can head to their Facebook for updates!

I’m going to be straightforward here: this album is amazing. It kicks ass on every aspect and on every instrument. The vocals are guttural at low points and raw at high points. The bass is constantly rumbling your insides. The guitars are low and the riffs are fast. Everybody is in sync with each other and everything unfolds so nicely. If you are a fan of Immolation or Beyond Creation, you will surely enjoy The Haruspex.

Looking deeper into the wonder that is The Haruspex, take the song “Sitra Achra.” It’s the 5th track that pounces on you like an album opener would. “Sitra Achra” actually has a deathcore sound to it, but it moves a bit quicker than a lot of deathcore does and has a raw aggression to it. The drumming on this is very active and tight production allows you to hear every tom hit no matter how fast it is. Also: beware the bass slide. “Venom and Rapture” sort of has a deathcore feel to it at moments by certain guitar riffs and long bass notes.

What makes The Haruspex really unique is the use of rhythm with high notes. The either add a haunting sound or just make the song sound evil. “The Mark of Veritas” uses high notes with a short delay effect for a creepy tone that lurks behind this heavy wall of double-bass and tremolo-picked riff. “Nine Kings of Sulphur” uses more high range notes than any of the other songs. I think they contribute the most to the apocalyptic sound “Nine Kings of Sulphur” carries. The descending tom hits from the drums helps out with this too. The bass is really prominent on this song as well, ranging from a low rumble to a high tremble.

One of the heaviest songs on this heavy album is “Carcosa.” It’s a very fast song. Fast riffs, fast double-bass, and a fast beating. The vocals don’t spit words out at you real quick like everything else does, but it guts you with gutturals in a timely manner, making sure you hear and understand every word. “Dismantling the Throne” seems to continue what “Carcosa” was doing, but not quite as brutal and much more grim. There is a more dynamic rhythm going on throughout this track and an impending doom awaiting here. “Dismantling the Throne” has its times of brutality, but “Carcosa” was nonstop.

“Crowns of Flesh” pick up and maintain the brutal vibe “Carcosa” had and mixed it with “Sitra Achra.” It’s more on the side of “Carcosa,” but if you hear them you will get what I mean. The lyrics are pronounced very clearly, but that goes for all of The Haruspex. There is a pretty nice breakdown close to the end of “Crowns of Flesh” that’s introduced smoothly and doesn’t overstay its welcome.

I wish I had more to say about The Haruspex, but the most I can muster is that it is freaking awesome. This is such a heavy and well-crafted album that really does death metal a solid. The Haruspex and Gomorrah deserve much more attention because there is a lot of talent here with only more to give in the future. I definitely recommend this to everybody, but especially for Immolation fans. My favorite songs are “Crowns of Flesh” and “Carcosa” since “all of them” isn’t a good answer. I’d give this a 10 if the two instrumental tracks were actual songs.

Rate: 9.7/10

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