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Review: Glacier Eater – Self-Titled

Glacier Eater is a melodic thrash metal band from Oakland California and are signed to Glacier Recordings. The current lineup is: Ryan Hansen, Keith Welch, Michael Stearns, and James Chanthanao. This band has released a demo and a full-length album. Their full-length album was just released this year and consists of 10 songs.
I really like the guitars in this album. They created a lot of interesting riffs. They have a couple of guitar solos in this album. I found those to be a great addition. Check out the songs: Silence, Wreckage, and their instrumental song Judgment for some awesome shredding. I also enjoyed the rhythm guitars because they have a heavy feel to them.

The drumming in this album is great. Through his complex and fast-paced drumming, this drummer does a wonderful job in keeping the listener interested in the album. Consider listening to the songs: Chaos, Wreckage, and Dusk. These songs really show what the drummer is capable of. It would be a good idea to incorporate some drum solos because it would provide the listener with a refreshing piece of music.

The vocalist provided the album with exceptional vocals. He mainly uses mid to high screams. It is enjoyable to listen to two different vocal ranges be in synch. That happens in their opening song Chaos. It adds more emotion to the song than if you were to just have one type of scream. I also like how he uses yells. I admire his creativity in using different styles of screams throughout this album. It helps keep the listener interested.

After buying this album, I am not disappointed with the purchase. The guitars are excellent, the vocals are exceptional, and the drumming great. After listening to their songs, I don’t get bored of them. I look forward to what these guys can produce in the future.

You can purchase Glacier Eater via Bandcamp or Glacier Records before it comes out on Nov. 23rd.

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