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Review: Genocide District – Scourge

Orange County’s Genocide District may not match up with the taste of the djent/tech crowd. If you’re expecting a meticulous display of musicianship, complex song structure and a progressive feel, this is not your EP.

That does not mean that G.D. are not talented, don’t get me wrong – their blend of misanthropic death metal/hardcore is 100 % on point, especially if you’re into Harm’s Way, Xibalba, No Zodiac (to name a few).

Instead of focusing on the aforementioned demonstration of technique, the band chooses to deliver a seemingly infinite stream of heavy, sludge-influenced breakdowns and long-drawn misanthropy-ridden mid sections, which constantly reinforce the overall feel of despair (with the only difference being the closing track, entitled “Mimosa” – a very eerie, electronic piece, which might surprise some).

Leland Miller’s vocals are the perfect ingredient to Genocide District’s misery-drenched blend of doom and hate. Connoisseurs of the genre might find his style similar to other emblematic vocalists, but I think that’s an “error” worth ignoring. Special praise goes out to Genocide Generation for the excellent cover art.

Some may find “Scourge” repetitive, due to the constant barrage of breakdowns and blast beat sections present at every turn. As a breakdown fanatic, I find them especially fitting to my taste. (8/10)

For fans of: H.P. Lovecraft, Nails, Feign, A Memoria Brooded.

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