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Review: Gamma Sector – Elements of Contamination

Gamma Sector are an American slamming deathhore band from Washington, Indiana. They are new on the scene but by no means let that deter you from taking them seriously, these guys pack a serious punch. This EP offers a 16 minute 5 track aural onslaught filled with delights and is not for the light hearted.

If you like breakdowns there are no shortages here- enhanced by punishingly filthy gutturals, snappy, bass heavy production and an array of quirky and haunting atmospherics, the breakdowns offer a crushing and memorable experience, particularly on the track ‘Creating Obscenities’.

What is interesting about the band is that they combine elements of deathcore, downtempo and death metal that aren’t often done with great success and they do it with balance. Other bands who have succeeded in doing this are the likes of Slaughter to Prevail (more deathcore focused) and Vulvodynia (edging more towards death metal) while ‘Elements of Contamination’ also achieves this with much more of a prominent downtempo influence. They mix together key elements of each style including slow tempos, low tuning, blast beats, stupidly big breakdowns, extreme gutturals, pig squeals and slams that would make Big Chocolate soil himself (check out the track ‘Evolutionary Contact’!).

Production wise, it does sound like the band have had a crack at it themselves. Don’t get me wrong, its great, it has mass to it, its more than loud enough and its great bands are taking it into their own hands (if this is the case) but it sounds a little dynamically flat- this will be more noticeable for some listeners than others. However, I can’t argue with that snare drum, when I listen on full blast it literally makes me blink involuntarily every time it hits- so aggressive and snappy! A lot of deathcore and death metal bands nowadays go down the road of super tight production, but this can sometimes diminish the filthiness of a song or album, yet in this case I think they’ve got away with a mix that’s somewhere in-between the two.

All in all, this EP is one hell of a debut. Its got everything you’d want from a deathcore release- and then some! the EP is memorable, IMMENSELY heavy and relatively unique (I use the term loosely!). My only real issue with this release is that its not long enough. I felt a little underwhelmed and wanting more, even just one more track would have done it. The EP is shorter than most opening sets at a local show! In many ways this is a good thing, it certainly left me in anticipation for a full length release, and some may argue that short and sweet may be better for this style. Either way, Gamma Sector are a band to keep an eye on!




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  • christian on

    I really hope to see a full length album from this beast of a band, and i can only hope its as heavy and filthy as this short EP.

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