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Review: Gaijin – Self Titled

5-piece Indian technical death metal band Gaijin has released a new 3-track EP to keep us busy as we await a full-length. Gaijin has worked with some well known names like Cryptopsy, Martyr, and Gorguts. If you like like technical death metal and you have 13 minutes to spare, head over to their Bandcamp to listen to Gaijin.

Let’s make this simple: tech death in the vain of Atheist. I’m a huge Atheist fan so Gaijin is already great for having a similar sound. The production is somewhat of a lower quality, but it gives the whole EP a more genuine feel to it, though I would prefer the drums and bass to be a little bit louder, or maybe just turn the guitars down. With that said, the guitars are the focus here. The vocals are low growls that match well with the types of riffs being played.

I won’t do the usual track-by-track rundown as I find it unnecessary for everything. Gaijin has a way of playing tech death with a hint of progressive that makes the band unique. Things will go from technical riffs to a blackened section where chords ring out despicably to a prog-esque section that ties it back to a technical riff. Each song does this in its own special way. “Meiosis” does this early in the song, but instead of chords ringing out, there are tremolo-picked scales being played, just as black metal bands do.

As the EP continues on, it sounds as if it gets progressively heavier by each passing minute until you get to the heaviest song, “Anamnesis.” The drumming on this song is consistently heavy and the bass is a bit more involved than before, so I dig that. Even the more progressive parts are heavier. Note that the last 2 tracks are instrumentals, but the music speaks for itself. Tremolo-picking and technical prowess will make you forget about the lack of vocals if they are important to you. Check out this EP though, it won’t take much time and it is worth the listen.

Rate: 8/10

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