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Review: From Flesh – Putrefaction

In March of 2017, symphonic death metal band From Flesh released their new EP, “Putrefaction”. The album brings a dark message as the piano in the songs bring about a menacing and gloomy presence, as the end draws near in life.

When I first heard this album about a month ago, the first thing that came to my mind was My Dying Bride. Both My Dying Bride and From Flesh put off a dark “vibe”, if that’s what you want to call it. As I listened to Putrefaction more and more, I started diving deeper into the music to try and get an idea of what is going on in the music. In an interview I had with Jeff, the composer for From Flesh, I asked how this album came about. He replied, and I quote,

When I was working on the title track it was after I was offered to study art in Italy from my school. I was listening to lots of Italian bands when I was working in the Bronze working studio in my art school to drown out the sound of grinders and metallic banging. I was inspired to incorporate more piano elements in my work, also my favourite guitar broke so I was using this gross nasty guitar that had this sludgy drunken sound and I wanted to just go ham on this instrument.”

All in all, this album is a MUST for fans of bands like My Dying Bride, and it I can’t wait until I hear more from these guys. You can download “Putrefaction” from their Bandcamp page in the link below.


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