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Review: First Degree – Street Justice

First Degree‘s blend of brutality would suite the taste of both new- and old-school fans of beatdown hardcore. At first listen (glance?) ,F.D.’s sound may seem similar to  Nasty, Six Ft. Ditch and Born From Pain – some excellent hardcore bands from Europe and beyond, which I whole-heartedly recommend.

However, First Degree are (ot least seem to be) firmly rooted in the best “traditions” of the american hardcore-beatdown movement – the breakdowns present on this album have a gravity of their own! The LP starts with the excellent “CABD” – easily one of my favourites, followed closely by “Burn Slow” – an example of how old-school hardcore vocals  should be mixed with contemporary breakdown techniques.

As a matter of fact, this could be easily said for the whole album – it’s a never-ending storm of breakdowns, pissed-off vocals (great job Adam, respect!), with  a nod to the past. This is made from fans and dedicated to the entire movement; at least that’s the message I’m getting. It’s all ’bout them gang-vocals, deadly riffs and groovy breakdowns son!!!

There is a downside to this excellent album though. If you’re biased and constantly on the breakdown flex (like me), you’ll find the constant barrage of breakdowns and mosh parts just right. If you’re not, you’ll  have a rough time differentiating the songs from one another; definitely DO NOT listen to “Street Justice” if you’re expecting a demonstration of groundbreaking prog-tech-core methods.

If you like it basic, then First Degree is your band. Check them out! (8.5/10)

For fans of: Biohazard, Bulldoze, 36 Deadly Fists, european beatdown;

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