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Review: Feral – Forever Resonating In Blood

I just had honours of listening to a black metal solo project known as Feral, what may very well be Canada’s answer to Burzum, having released the nine-tracked album, Forever Resonating In Blood.

First and foremost, I won’t lie to you, the production quality is not great. It will have some listeners wondering if it was recorded in a home studio, but as I’ve come to learn from some of the old school death and black metal enthusiasts, not many will care. Some will go as far as claiming this type of music sounds better under-produced.

Second, I was not a fan of the vocals. As you get through the songs, the vocals do grow on you, so it really will depend on whether the listener is willing to adapt.

Now instrumentally, this is where the album truly shines. Our Feral really is an amazing and melodic songwriter, and an especially sophisticated stringer. For one, he never runs out of riffs and isn’t afraid to play simple rhythms where they are best suited. Throughout the album, there are several acoustic passages that are soothing, and just as well, there are guitar melody poems that simply soar and vibe in such a way that each track takes you on a journey through the forest and the mountains. I never actually found myself tuning out or feeling bored, and this is something I usually feel when I try and listen to certain black metal outfits.

My favourite tracks were “Second Sight” and “Lover” for the plain fact that they were both so beautiful, intense, and sometimes even melancholy. Regardless of what one may think of the vocals, there is so no doubt that there is much emotion and perfect flow with the backing music of each track.

I think this album is deserving of a 7/10, which is a much higher rating than one I would give to most black metal projects. There is definitely room for improvement in production and vocals, but the instrumental quality is flawless. Nicely done.

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