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Review: Fall – The Insatiable Weakness

This week we have a melodic death metal band called Fall here with their debut full-length album The Insatiable Weakness, which features Dirk Verbueren of Soilwork on drums. Without saying too much, The Insatiable Weakness is anything but weak. It takes melodic and runs miles. Pick it up on Bandcamp and check out Fall’s Facebook!

There are so many beautiful moments on this album. The clean vocals have just the right range and tone to them that accent the leads really well. Some songs have more clean vocals than others; either way the cleans work really well. For a song like “Desolation” the cleans give it a nice contrast. “Desolation” features ethereal rhythms and a very melodic solo which play over pummeling drums. The way the clean vocals and bright melodies play over the heavy drums really reminds me of the easter egg songs in the zombies mode of the COD: Black Ops video games. If you’ve listened to them, you will instantly get what I mean. Well “Desolation” does this and let’s each part fall into place in such a natural manner. Anyway, the vocalist kind of sounds like Threat Signal’s vocalist, but with different cleans.

I really love the guitar tones and drumming patterns/grooves on The Insatiable Weakness. The tones cooperate with each other and the vocalist, which makes each song sound that much better. There is a solo on every song and they are all pretty darn melodic (obviously). While they do display plenty of technical ability, the solos don’t give off the shredding or “look what I can do” vibe. During solos and some sections with cleans you’ll hear a subtle synth in the background. Look to “Ever Hollow” and even “Desolation” again to hear how the synth transcends the song to another realm. “Ever Hollow” is an interesting song because it goes on a winding path of different sounds and moods that somehow work together. I would almost consider this a progressive song. The drumming has an eloquent mix of relentlessness, tom grooves, and cymbal smashing.

The Insatiable Weakness does a great job of going from heavy to that ethereal transcendence I was talking about, but “From Ashes” is probably the best example of that. “From Ashes” is also one of the more, if not the most, straightforward song: it has a simpler structure. It alternates between a heavy, very melo-death sounding riff to the heavenly sounds of cleans and melodies from heavens. The drums don’t let up on this song, which is fantastic. I really enjoy heavy drumming supporting that which is brighter sounding (the vocals, rhythms, etc.). “Gods of Ruin” also does the switch between heavy and ethereal a lot too, but “Gods of Ruin” has a progressive break that separates it from the rest of the album. This progressive break involves smooth, calm drumming, mild chugs, and that wonderful synth looming behind us. The drums slowly grow increasingly heavier/harder until the solo starts. Yet another tasty solo doing it’s mother song justice.

I would have included “Harvester” in that last paragraph, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the others. There is a guest female vocal appearance that shows up right before this really calm break for the solo. The woman has an appropriate voice for this song, but her and the original vocalist sing together and I just don’t like the duet going on. However, if it interests you I recommend checking it out. This song is rather progressive and very melodic. The last minute is pretty awesome though.

One of my favorite songs is “Soul Ignition,” maybe because the heavier parts are heavier than other songs’ heavier parts, I don’t know. The riffs are really solid here and the drummer does really nice triplets. The bridge is pretty sweet too, with the synth going and all.

I’m going to wrap up The Insatiable Weakness by saying it’s wonderful. If you haven’t figured out yet, I love the synth used on here and the cleans fit in every time. The bass is audible and has independent parts. Everything makes me proud to review on this album. The only song I didn’t enjoy too much was “You Were but a Shade.” There are too many soft sections to feel right to me, but if you really liked “Harvester” then you will like “You Were but a Shade.” Other than that, The Insatiable Weakness is awesome and I have listened to it a bunch. It makes bus/train rides a lot more durable. I suggest “From Ashes” and “Cinis.”

Rate: 8.7/10

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