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Review: Faced With Ruins – Demise EP

Faced With Ruins are a deathcore band from Vienna, Austria. They have previously released an EP titled ‘Scene of Devastation’ in 2014 and the single ‘Chased by Hate’ from this EP. The EP itself was released May 24 2017 through Chugcore.

As soon as this EP starts you know shit is gonna hit the fan. An eerie, tension-building guitar riff sets the scene, joined by a clunky bass that teases what’s to come- right on queue Roberto the vocalist initiates the chaos by barking the words “this is who I am”. While this isn’t exactly a new or fresh recipe for a deathcore intro there is something about it that has a different, more exciting energy to it, it sets the scene for the EP enticing you to listen on- and trust me its worth it!

The EP consists of 6 tracks and has a run time of 21 minutes, utilising every minute to the full. Every track twists and turns, meandering through different styles and influences while keeping a structure that is listenable and feels natural. Robertos vocals are powerful and consistent- his false chord lows dominate most songs with occasional and well placed highs piercing through the mix viciously. Oh and of course the odd guttural to keep the breakdowns nasty. His vocals remind me of Colin Jeffs work in Tyrant-era Aversions Crown, except for slightly stronger and more consistent.

The instrumentals in the album are incredibly well written; you’ll find pretty much every style of deathcore riff and more in this EP but it never once feels overused. The guitar riffs are well constructed and not your average basic trashy 01020102 riffs you’ll find in other vocal-based deathcore bands, and there are memorable melodies and choruses (but don’t worry, no cleans!) thrown into the mix too. To top it off, there are a couple of guitar solos, which may not be the fastest or most technical but are pretty good! The song ‘Fear’ has a solo reminiscent of Thy Art is Murders ‘Reign of Darkness’ and is fucking awesome. I was particularly surprised when I learned that they don’t have a drummer as the drums are very well written; the fills are interesting and real sounding and different techniques like blast sections are used appropriately and sparingly.

My favourite song is without a doubt ‘Regardless’. In my opinion its the heaviest, most interesting and in my opinion has the biggest variety of styles. But the thing I wanna talk about in this song is the breakdown. Every now and then a deathcore band writes a breakdown that is so good you actually remember it- without a doubt the breakdown at the end of this song qualifies. I don’t want to spoil it too much but everything from the build up to the pattern make it stand out from your average breakdown. It’s not super complex or completely unique but it is heavy as hell and a bit different, it really caught my attention.

It might of been 3 years in the making but this is a soid follow on from their first album, proving in better in pretty much every way. From bouncy hardcore influenced riffs to spine snapping breakdowns to cleverly written catchy melodic sections, this EP has just about everything you’d want in a modern deathcore release and balances familiarity with fresh sounds. Not only that but the production is really good, perfectly complimenting the songs. So if you’re a fan of deathcore, or even metalcore, then these guys are definitely worth a listen, especially as they change things up a bit and include other styles and influences. A stand out EP from a band out band for me, looking forward to what they release in future!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FacedWithRuins/

bandcamp: https://chugcore.bandcamp.com/album/demise-ep

Official EP stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e9g0n0MvHI

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