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Review: Executed – Destroy the Ashes

You know, sometimes bands are best if enacted imperfectly. This is most true for thrash and death metal bands for me, and Executed has put together a solid EP worthy of your $50 Mexican dollars (that’s about $3 US dollars, but I put a little more in at the band’s Bandcamp page.)

Now, I’m not saying the playing is sloppy. The solos are spot on, the drumming is tight, and the riffs are solid. The vocals are the weakest part, but for a lo-fi release they fit in fine. It sounds like an album I’d find in a tiny record shop and freak out about because it came out in the 90’s and I’d never heard it before.

Expect some fast paced thrash drumming, slowing down to a death crawl, with some fast and frenetic guitar work, and low-end growls, all recorded with less-than-perfect (but in my opinion serviceable and in the case of thrash/death, ideal) sound quality and mastering. If that sounds like an album that’d be your cup of tea, this EP is 100% for you.

The band is Mexican (I’m not sure why, but all of the best independent metal releases on Bandcamp as of late have been from Mexico), and they’re very recent. Check them out at the Bandcamp site linked in the first paragraph and give their album a listen (and 50 pesos.)

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