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Review: Eminent Slaughter – Stench

Eminent Slaughter is an Extreme Brutal Metal band from Champaign, Illinois. Since their formation in 2011, they have released two EPs: Condemned EP and Stench EP. Their current line-up consists of a vocalist, three guitar players, a bassist, and a drummer. They’re influenced by a lot of bands in the Illinois area and some more widely known bands such as: Carnifex, Lamb of God, and Cannibal Corpse. Stench EP is kind of a lengthy EP, having a total run-time of 19 minutes and 45 seconds and contains six songs. The EP is available on the band’s bandcamp page.

Right off the bat, Endless comes in containing very heavy guitar work. The guitar riff from 0:42 to 1:00 is very enjoyable to listen to. I love the instruments at 1:27 to 1:52. The guitar playing seems simple but it works and the drumming has a sick beat with the occasional fill. I like the stop-and-go feeling that the song has at the end. The vocalist uses mainly mid-screams but he’s very good at them. They also have synched screams a few times throughout this song. I like it when bands do that.

The beginning of Stench contains sweet instrumentals accompanied by a brutal scream. I like the tremolo riff that is present from 0:27 to 0:59. The breakdown that follows is sick. I like how they experiment with different types of screams. That helps keep me interested. 1:45 to 2:10 contains a killer breakdown. I was not expecting the solo to appear at 2:38. It’s very short but it’s sweet. I’m looking forward to hearing more lead guitar work.

The shortest song of the ep, Human Prey, is up next with a slow guitar riff. I was expecting this to be an instrumental track but the full band kicks back in at 0:53. I really like the fast drumming in this song. Be sure to check it out. Nearing the end of this song they do a great job matching the melody of the guitars and vocals.

Hang the Rope starts out with a sweet guitar piece. I like the melodies they came up with. 1:36 to 2:06 contains a pretty cool solo that has an abrupt ending. This is another decent track by them. The drummer does a great job playing with the other instruments in this song. I like how fast he can play. The vocalist continues to deliver solid screams throughout the song.

The longest song of this EP, Forever Trapped, begins with another sick guitar riff. Surprisingly, the vocals come in loud at 0:41. The vocals seem to be lower than usual here and a bit later, they have some synched vocals. This song has some sick beats to it. It’s great how the guitarists can play fast and also have cool beats. 3:27 to 3:40 contains a sick guitar solo. This piece also does a good job showcasing what the guitarists are capable of in terms of speed and complexity.

Your Death Eternal contains a heavy riff at the beginning that has some nice squealies. I like how that when the speed increased, the vocalist changed the type of scream to highs (0:41 to 0:53). I really like the melody at 2:32. It’s sick how they were able to have a lead version of that melody as well a bit later in the song.

This is a pretty good EP. I think that it’s worth checking out. The drums are solid. I like the heaviness of the guitars and how they can also shred. The vocalist delivers solid screams throughout this EP and he varies his style up a bit and adds some synched vocals. I would give this album 7.5 out of 10 stars.

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