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Review: Drakonis – The Great Miasma EP

Drakonis is a black metal band from Northern Ireland. They will be releasing a three-tracked EP on the 1st of December titled, “The Great Miasma”. Having the privilege to hear their work, I can confidently say that it will please many second wave fans.

The opening and title track is a slow walk through a dark night that feels like the ultimate intro as to what the other two tracks have in store. Burzum listeners will love this track, especially ones that had long term addictions to the Filosofem album. The double-kick legwork compliments the slow pace of the guitars and keyboard, while the vocals alone bring so much power.

‘Let Us Pray’ is a much faster paced track complete with blast beats and tremolo guitars. Being a big fan of (earlier) Taake, I can say this is my favourite track. One of the things that particularly stand out with this vocalist is how easily decipherable the lyrics are. The pace of the song moves even faster around the two and a half minute mark, but for myself personally, I thought the height of the song is the remainder of the song after the talking sample. I felt that the build up to the slow interlude was a work of genius, especially as the tremolo guitars and fast double kicks intensified the impact of the vocals.

The final track, ‘Queen of Swarms’ goes for a good seven minutes, and it is the most surprising. There is an acoustic interlude, a blast beat section, but perhaps the most interesting is the more melodic guitar licks found in the second half of the duration. In general, I appreciate how this band knows if any segments can potentially become stale or repetitive, and thereby, they change little details to keep the songs fresh and interesting.

Overall, this display of traditional second wave black metal is a timeless art that would easily draw even the most purist of critics – if their iconic band photo doesn’t already. As far as genres go, this is a solid 9/10.

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  • Drakonis on

    Thank you for the kind words. It’s great to see a reviewer properly understand what we are trying to do, especially when we alter little things each time a riff comes back to make it feel fresh.


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