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Review: Disrupted – Heavy Death

Review by Andriana.

Disrupted is a five piece death metal act from Ludvika, Sweden. Heavy Death is Disrupted’s debut album which you can listen to on Spotify, and buy on Bandcamp. Heavy Death was released in 2014 and stands at only 15 minutes long with 6 songs. Disrupted released a brand new album, called Morbid Death, on April that can be purchased on their label’s website.

The track that starts it all is “Reverse the Cross.” The album kicks off to a real nice start with this song and is a good indication of what the other 5 songs will be like. What one finds when listening to “Reverse the Cross” is powerful growls, fat bass and guitar tone, and blasting drums. What’s great about this song, and most of the album quite frankly, is how short the songs are. I am a fan of short songs like this because they don’t overstay their welcome. The song hits you, presents you with face melting riffs then leaves you to rot. This song makes you want more and makes you anticipate the rest of the album. The lyrics are in English and vocalist Mikael Hanni pronounces the words clearly and precisely. “Reverse the Cross” plays a solid riff for a portion of the song until there is some tremolo picking towards the end. I think it’s a great death metal sounding riff and definitely would be good in a mosh pit. What a fun song.

“Suffocation Molestation” blends right in with “Reverse the Cross” and sounds like a part II for “Reverse the Cross” and that is not a bad thing. The riffs are different, of course, but “Suffocation Molestation” retains the hyped­ up, angry, powerful vibe from the first track. This song is 2 minutes long, just like track 1 and most other tracks on Heavy Death. The drum grooves sound a bit similar to “Reverse the Cross”, but like I said: this song is like a part II to the other song. This song builds and builds, increasing the hype to its abrupt ending, again leaving us with our faces on the ground seeking more. “Mutilated, Dissected, Perfected” serves as part III. What I liked about this song is how the guitar chords played along with the vocals. For example, if Hanni went higher in pitch then the guitars would play a higher sounding chord to match. By this point I can see how people would confuse these first few songs because if you aren’t paying much attention the songs can mash up. These songs are still cool songs and are enjoyable, but you would have to be listening to tell them apart.

“The Dead” is a fat song. It channels a doom/stoner metal shell to surround the inner death metal core that is Heavy Death. It is the longest song on the record at 3:26, but it’s doom it has to be longer. The low tuned, fuzzy, fat mammoth that is guitar tone leads the song to victory while not being overpowering. The thickness is most noticeable, but it plays alongside everything rather than in front of everything. That could be the result of sweet mastering/production; nevertheless it is a nice song. There are nice chugged sections for you to bob your head to and the full vocals. It is clear that Hanni puts everything into his vocals, and that is the kind of result one would want. There is more feeling behind the music and it just makes everything sound better overall; and that goes for this whole album. “Heavy Death” also sounds a bit like stoner metal, but not nearly as much as “The Dead” does. This song is faster and is more “true” to death metal. The drums are much more exciting, if you will, in “Heavy Death.” The guitar riffs are slower (than the drums) and have more chords played.

The final song on Heavy Death is “Urge!” This is one of my favorites on the album and also gives you the best audio summary for Disrupted’s first effort. “Urge!” has the powerful growls I have come to expect, fast and slow riffs alike, and the same guitar tone as before. The bass line for this song sounds fun to play and deepens the body of sound here. As I said before, this album features seriously meaty guitar tone, hyped drums, and chunky vocals that hammer in a unique blend of death metal and stoner metal. The album is something one would listen to if you’re in a death metal mood, but nothing too extreme, want a better soundtrack to a video game, or if you need a decent tune whilst you be “productive.” I’ve listened to the album at least 5 times and haven’t gotten tired of it. The downside I see with this album is the repetitive drums and how songs can mix together if you aren’t paying attention. I don’t think that is a deal breaker though, especially since it is a short album and there is plenty of room for Disrupted to progress and there are expectations of killer albums in the future.


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